Vitamins and Minerals (Children)

If your child happens to be a fussy eater or if he/she has a restricted diet due to any other reason, then a daily multivitamin is a good way to help him/her. Many different vitamin products are available as drops, sachets, flavoured pastilles, tablets (for older children) and liquids. Ask your IPSA pharmacist for advice on the best choice for your child.

Another type of supplement that you might want to consider is Omega-3 fish oil because Omega 3s play an important role in helping your child’s eyes and brain to develop, build well and be well maintained.
Nutritional experts recommend that your child should eat food that is rich in Omega-3s at least once every week. Omega-3 oils are present in trout, salmon, mackerel, pilchards, sardines, herring, eel, kippers, whitebait, walnuts, fresh tuna, pumpkin seeds and soya beans. If your child tends not to like how fish tastes or does not eat enough fish, then you might want to consider giving them an Omega-3 supplement.