Mental Health


The symptoms of depression (a condition affecting 20 percent of adults at some point during their lives) include a loss of appetite/weight, no interest in the things going on around you, having difficulty making decisions and dealing with everyday situations and always feeling tired even though you have slept well.
Here are some options that can support you during this difficult time:

  • Talk to a friend, loved one or counsellor about your feelings
  • Talk to your IPSA physician about the possible use of antidepressants
  • Talk to your IPSA pharmacist about the possible use of St John’s Wort (this a herbal remedy which can relieve some symptoms of depression)
  • Exercise, as this makes your body release certain mood-altering chemicals that can make you feel happier
  • Reduce or stop your alcohol intake because alcohol is a depressant
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables


Stress is becoming more commonplace with symptoms including sleep issues, headaches, obesity, stomach upsets and high blood pressure (this can lead to more serious issues, e.g. heart disease).
Stress can also elicit feelings of anxiety, anger, short temperedness and agitation.

  • Positive ways to deal with stress include:
  • Managing your time more effectively by deciding what is most important to you and making that the priority.
  • Taking time for yourself by getting a relaxing massage, going for a walk, having a relaxing bath or doing something that amuses you and makes you laugh.