Some common questions regarding Botox include:

Who can have Botox done?

A large number of people are having Botox injections to regain a more youthful appearance. It is now a widely accepted treatment due to the simplicity and ease of the procedure. Majority of people in the media and now, in all walks of life ,are having it done.

The aim of botox and similar agents is not to create an unnatural look. When done correctly and in small frequent doses it leads to a more natural more refreshed look making you look better for your age.

Nowadays younger people are opting to have this treatment as a preventative. When used over time botox has been shown to weaken the muscles that create the lines and wrinkles and therefore prevent wrinkles from developing.

IPSA offers a range of treatments including Botox for facial wrinkles, jaw reshaping, tension headaches and hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

Will I lose my expression?

The effects and results are visible for the patient after about three days.

The treatment will not dramatically change your facial appearance or make you expressionless.

There are many muscles in the face that help to create expression when we are sad, angry or upset. The relaxant is used in minute quantities and only over the  areas which create the wrinkles.

The aim is to reduce the activity of these muscles in these focal areas so that the overlying skin does not wrinkle. The rest of the muscles in the face are not affect. Therefore, you should still be able to retain your natural expression, just without the wrinkles.

Why should I have it done?

  • It is temporary
  • It is safe
  • It is simple
  • It is effective
  • It is minimally invasive, and…
  • It is extremely cost effective when compared to other surgical procedures like facelifts.

So, maybe a better question is: “Why not!?”

Our doctor, Dr Mustafa, has a background in AE medicine and is currently a career GP.

Dr Mustafa has a special interest in cosmetic medicine and will aim to work closely with you to achieve your desired look.

Some of the many benefits of choosing IPSA are:

  • All treatments are performed by fully qualified doctor
  • Prices include an initial consultation and 2 week post treatment review
  • Evening and Weekend clinics available

Why wait to look years younger?

Invest in your face and look the best you can for your age.

It is undeniable that people who look good feel good.  Muscle relaxants are both a preventative and an effective treatment for the ageing process.  People spend millions of pounds a year buying anti-wrinkle creams.

Although regular moisturisation is essential to maintain soft elastic skin, there is no conclusive evidence showing that expensive wrinkle creams on the market clear wrinkles.

How effective is it?

Results are often noticed in the first couple of days and maximized at 2 weeks. People may comment on how refreshed and rejuvenated you look but many will not be able to tell why.

Our aim is to make you look natural and smooth the creases that make you look older and tired. You should begin to see an improvement within three to four days.

The results from Botox may last for up to four months and regular treatments may be required to maintain a wrinkle-free look. In the long run fewer treatments with wider gaps between each treatment will be likely as repeat injections will gradually weaken the “wrinkle creating” muscles.

What are the side effects?

All medical treatments have side effects. Although relaxants have an extremely high safety margin, slight pain, tenderness, headache or redness can sometimes occur around the injection site.

These side effects can be minimized by technique and icing prior to treatment.

Rare effects can include drooping lid or eyebrow area. As the Botox itself is not permanent any side effects will not be permanent and the sensation of dropping can be reversed using prescription eye drops.

There is also the hypothetical risk of allergy to the agents used. However to date there has been no record of reported side effects to botox or similar muscle relaxants.

Botox may be is less effective for deep lines that are apparent at rest which may require the use of dermal fillers in conjunction.

In summary, there are very minimal side effects associated with the botox itself. Complications are typically minor occurrences and resolve with time. 

How many treatments will I need?

Majority of patients will return for follow up treatment as they want to maintain the effect.

Botox lasts for approximately 3-4 months and will need repeat treatment for maintenance. Two to three visits per year are recommended and continued treatment can gradually lead to the diminishment / reduction of deep set lines.

Who shouldn’t use Botox?

People who are pregnant , neuro muscular disorders  or individuals known to have had a previous reaction, or those with egg allergies.

Your medical history and case will be individually evaluated by our onsite NHS doctor who will decide whether Botox is appropriate.

Botox may not be useful for those patients that have extremely droopy upper eyelids to begin with or one that is held up by constantly arching the lids.