Liver Function Screening

Your liver function blood test at your IPSA clinic

Having your yearly liver function blood test is important, especially if:

  • You are currently taking multiple kinds of medication that can impact on your liver
  • You drink a lot of alcohol
  • You have previously had an issue with your liver (e.g. hepatitis/gallstones)
  • You are currently experiencing any abdominal pain

A blood test is the best method for monitoring how your liver is functioning. If you have a history of excess alcohol in your system or of taking multiple medications, then it essential to have your annual liver function test at your IPSA clinic. At your IPSA clinic, your liver function test results take at most 24 hours to come back, and your IPSA clinician will analyse your results, interpret them, give you a copy of your liver function results and clearly explain the findings to you.

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