Vein Removal

Laser treatment at your IPSA skin clinic for thread vein removal

There are several different approaches to treating thread veins, of which laser therapy is one of the options offered by your IPSA skin clinic. Your IPSA skin specialist will examine your thread veins, discuss the various treatment options, and reach a decision with you on the best treatment form. Laser treatment is both useful and effective, and your skilled IPSA practitioner will undertake the procedure in the clean, quiet and confidential medical setting of IPSA’s skin clinic. Your IPSA practitioner will also explain the procedure and the timing of your treatments with you. The treatment involves using a laser to emit short energy bursts onto your thread veins, causing them to shrink.


Your IPSA skin clinic laser procedure

At your IPSA skin clinic, your IPSA clinician will provide you with a pair of protective goggles, as these need to be worn during your thread vein removal procedure. Your IPSA clinician will apply a local anaesthetic (a topical gel) to the areas of your skin that are going to be treated to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you.

The thread vein removal procedure involves using of a special pencil-thin laser. This laser delivers short ‘staccato-like’ energy beams to your thread veins. The energy beams are then absorbed by your haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a protein in your blood, and it helps to transport oxygen throughout your bloodstream and is also what is responsible for your red blood cells having a red colour.

The energy beams from the pulsed laser cause the blood that is inside your thread veins to increase in temperature. The high temperature inflames the walls within your thread veins so that the thread vein walls harden, swell and then collapse inwards (and this also seals the thread vein shut).

The vein will then shrink and fade, and is absorbed naturally by your body.


How long does the treatment take?

This type of laser treatment takes from several minutes to half an hour, as it depends on the extent of your thread veins.


What happens after my IPSA thread vein laser treatment?

Your IPSA skin specialist will apply a soothing gel to the treated area. This cools your skin down, easing any soreness/discomfort. You may have some light blistering or light bruising in the treated area, and some small scabs might form, but all of these minor issues will ease quite quickly.

Your IPSA physician will advise you to apply moisturiser to your skin and to avoid sun exposure or sunbathing during the healing process. You should apply the moisturiser and avoid sun exposure both before and after your thread vein removal.

Your IPSA physician will explain that two or three treatment sessions are usually required for maximum effect. However, it can take eight weeks before you will notice a difference.

Some people develop dark areas or white areas on their skin following this type of treatment. This is due to damage to the pigment in the skin and usually returns to normal given time.

However, some people do find that the discoloured skin patches are permanent.

To book your non-surgical thread vein removal at your IPSA skin clinic, simply call the skin clinic directly, or make your booking online.