Body Contouring

original_bodycontour1What is the Exilis procedure?

Exilis is non-invasive and uses a radio frequency (RF) device that is designed to focus different depths of heat so as to customize your treatment for fat reduction, skin tightening or for both. Exilis Day sessions are the latest non-surgical procedure for body shaping and for the circumferential reduction of targeted fat deposits in your body.
Exilis is a significant technological advancement in terms of body contouring. The patented energy flow control (EFC) system delivers the maximum effect to your tissue in the shortest possible time, whilst ensuring both your safety, comfort and excellent results. Exilis produces faster results with fewer treatments and shorter treatments.

How does the Exilis procedure work?

The Exilis system uses RF energy. This new-generation advanced RF technology delivers a uniform and safe distribution of the RF energy, thus eliminating any energy peaks. The resulting heat energy is then targeted below the surface of your skin, volumetrically heating your deeper tissues where the undesirable fat layers are, inducing shrinkage of your fat cells through a ramp-up of their metabolic activity, thus stimulating new collagen production. The RF process leads to an improvement in cellulite appearance and circumference reduction.

Is the Exilis procedure effective?

The main yardstick used to measure how effective this new RF medical device is relates to the fat levels or the amount of fat that the Exilis procedure eventually eliminates/reduces. Exilis has been shown to result in a much deeper level of cellulite reduction and has been shown to be better than the other available RF options.
What results can I expect from my IPSA skin clinic Exilis treatment?
IPSA’s client satisfaction ratings are high for Exilis, with your skilled IPSA specialist able to achieve circumferential reductions that range from one to six inches of volume loss following four standard treatment sessions.

How many Exilis treatments will I need at my IPSA skin clinic?

Each individual responds differently to the treatment, but most of IPSA’s clients start to see a measurable difference following only two to three visits, with excellent visible results apparent after only four Exilis treatment sessions. Regarding how soon your results can be expected, many of IPSA’s clients observe quick post-Exilis treatment results, and the final result becomes even more visible following their third week after their final Exilis session.

How frequent and how long are the Exilis procedures at my IPSA skin clinic?

Each Exilis treatment is only 30–45 minutes at each visit, and your treatments will be scheduled at 7 to 14 days apart. Your IPSA skin specialist recommends packages of between four and six treatments in order to achieve the best possible effect. You will see the maximum results at around three months post-series.

Can Exilis be used to treat all types of fat?

Two kinds of fat cells (subcutaneous fat and visceral fat) are present in your body. The subcutaneous type of fat is located above your skeletal muscle and below your skin. Subcutaneous fat has what is called ‘superficial placement’, which means that it is at the correct depth for RF penetration to be effective.

Who can undergo Exilis treatment?

Most of our clients can undergo the Exilis procedure and it is suitable for clients who want a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure to remove excess fat.

Is the Exilis treatment unique?

Several energy devices that are currently on the market do claim to treat cellulite, yet until now, none of them has been able to promise any actual circumferential reduction. IPSA’s client-satisfaction rating is high, and we achieve circumferential reductions that range from 4–15 cm volume loss following several treatment sessions that are spaced at two-week intervals. Additionally, Exilis is the only machine for body sculpting that not only works by reducing fat but also by tightening your skin. The thermal energy that is concentrated in the more superficial skin layers gradually promotes increased collagen production, thus renewing your skin from the inside out. If you want to avoid certain surgical procedures (e.g. eyelifts or facelifts), then your IPSA skin specialist can effectively treat your specific facial problem areas with Exilis.

What areas of the body can Exilis be used to treat?

Exilis has an in-built cooling device, making it safe for both lax skin and excess fat reduction anywhere on your body, including your face. The areas that Exilis can treat include the neck, arms, thighs, the face and eyes, jowls, knees, abdomen, love handles, décolletage and fat rolls on the back.

How many Exilis treatment sessions will I need?

Each client is different. Generally, most of IPSA’s clients will start to see a measurable difference following only one or two visits, and they will see excellent results after only four Exilis treatment sessions. If you do want to lose a much larger volume, then you may opt for six (or more) treatment sessions. Your sessions take place every 7 to 14 days, and each Exilis treatment should take only 30 to 40 minutes, with no downtime, no pain and no limitations on any of your activities.

How long will I need to recover from my IPSA Exilis treatment?

IPSA’s Exilis Day clients are usually undertaking regular activities immediately post-treatment. The Exilis procedure is virtually pain-free, but your IPSA skin specialist will suggest that you drink lots of water prior to your Exilis treatment to achieve the best results and also to avoid dehydration in the areas targeted for treatment. The only post-care consideration is continued hydration.

When will I notice the results from my Exilis procedure?

Your Exilis results will be long lasting, and even though you will see immediate results, the maximum results are incremental, continuing for three to six months after your last Exilis treatment. The maximum results tend to occur at three months post-series.

Does the Exilis procedure hurt?

No. The Exilis procedure does not hurt, but it might be uncomfortable, especially when the treatment is applied to some of your more sensitive regions. IPSA’s clients typically report a warm sensation; the cooling device does prevent most of the discomfort, making Exilis safe for every skin type.

What are the risks associated with Exilis?

As the Exilis procedure is non-invasive, the risks and hazards of conventional fat and cellulite reduction are greatly reduced or eliminated. You may experience some discomfort following this medical procedure, but the issues usually subside rapidly as your treated area heals. Your body’s figure and your contours might be affected by your future lifestyle choices and eating habits, or by other external factors.

What clients are unsuitable for the Exilis procedure?

As a rule, if you can have an MRI, then you can have RF skin-tightening procedures, but RF skin tightening should not be undertaken:
If you have large amounts of metal in the area to be treated (artificial hips or knees, or plates in your spine). Please inform your IPSA skin specialist if you do have any metal in the treatment area.

  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you have cancer (that is not in remission).
  • If you have a pacemaker.
  • If you are breastfeeding/lactating.

What preparation is required prior to treatment?

All of IPSA’s Exilis clients are encouraged to hydrate well before, during and for a few days post-treatment. Additionally, some type of mild exercise post-treatment aids in fat removal.

Can the RF remain in my body post-treatment?

Neither infrared nor monopolar RF (this is the technology that enables Exilis to produce great results) will stay in your body to cause harm later on. The Exilis treatment involves the use of controlled heat and this is only transmitted when you are having the treatment.
Exilis is extremely safe and non-invasive as a body-contouring/skin-tightening treatment. No long-term risks exist for you (or for anyone else) following Exilis treatment. The energy from the Exilis procedure is only present during treatment and is gone when your treatment is over.
No residual side effects occur from receiving Exilis monopolar RF treatments. This is the safe alternative to surgery for both skin tightening and fat contouring.

Will my Exilis treatment be painful?

Your Exilis treatment may cause mild discomfort but is not painful. Your IPSA skin specialist uses no numbing during your treatment, as it is very important for him/her to be aware of any discomfort you are experiencing.

The Exilis facial treatments create a feeling of warmth, with most of IPSA’s clients finding them relaxing. If mild pain/discomfort is felt, then your IPSA specialist will immediately stop treating you to adjust the device and maintain your comfort.
The Exilis body treatments feel like hot stone massages. Sometimes your stretch marks might become slightly sensitive, but again, your IPSA specialist will ensure you experience no pain.
Hydration is essential. If you are well hydrated before your Exilis appointment, your skin is also well hydrated, and this makes for a more comfortable experience.

Can I have an Exilis® treatment to reduce my thighs?

The majority of IPSA’s clients achieve good circumferential reductions in their treatment areas. IPSA have seen 2 to 4-inch circumferential reduction in four to five Exilis treatments.
It is important for you to have realistic expectations regarding the outcome post-procedure. Because Exilis is not a surgical procedure such as liposuction, your results might not be as dramatic as the more invasive types of surgery.

Exilis or liposuction?

The Exilis technology is non-invasive, using infrared and monopolar RF to both reduce fat and tighten your skin in those troublesome areas.
Although your IPSA skin clinic has had great results with Exilis, it is not liposuction. Exilis shrinks down and excretes fat cells during your treatment, whereas liposuction physically removes your fat cells.

What is the ideal weight that you have to be to have Exilis® treatments at the IPSA skin clinic?

IPSA always suggests only using Exilis for stubborn areas that have not responded to diet and/or exercise. Your IPSA specialist will suggest that you reach as close to your ideal weight as you can prior to starting Exilis treatments.

Does Exilis® fix the waves and dimple irregularities caused by liposuction?

Exilis is an excellent treatment for removing post-liposuction irregularities. Limitations do exist, however, regarding what Exilis can achieve. If your skin is fairly tight, then Exilis is appropriate.

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