Youth Revealing Face and Body

Decléor Youth Revealing Face and Body Treatment at Your IPSA Spa: 1hr 30 mins | £95

This top-to-toe anti-ageing treatment tightens, renews and revitalises.

Decléor Youth Revealing Face and Body Treatment is the most pleasurable and effective way in which to restore the tone to mature skin. This all-over, potent anti-ageing treatment works by focusing on the power of massage to lift, tighten and re-sculpt your skin. It is targeted at reducing your wrinkles and lines, your loss of firmness, sensitivity and dryness. It incorporates Decléor’s award-winning serum (AROMESSENCE™ Excellence Serum), which stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production, with dramatic youth-giving results. Your mature skin will be renewed through this deeply nourishing treatment, leaving it looking both revitalised and younger.