Advanced Sculpt and Lift

Decléor Advanced Sculpt and Lift Triple at Your IPSA Spa: 1hr | £70

Eliminating loss of tone, dryness and wrinkles, this is a high-performance treatment.

Decléor’s advanced anti-ageing solution for radiance boosting, wrinkle correcting, and visible plumping provides outstanding results. At your IPSA spa, your IPSA therapist employs this treatment to concentrate on improving your lines, your loss of firmness, and sensitivity and dryness, as this treatment both rehydrates and strengthens your skin from within. The treatment includes an exclusive Excellence Sculpting Massage, which focuses on five key areas: your face, neck, eyes, arms and chest. By using Decléor’s toning and re-energising QI Booster alongside the premium Excellence range, your natural collagen production is stimulated, invigorating, recharging and firming your skin to generate a beautiful skin luminosity.