Cellulite Expert Detox Therapy

Decléor Cellulite Expert Detox Therapy: 60 mins | £65

This treatment works by re-sculpting and detoxing those problem areas.

Decléor Cellulite Expert Detox Therapy is used by your IPSA therapist to combat problem areas such as your thighs, hips and buttocks. It is a dramatically re-sculpting therapeutic treatment. After you have experienced your rejuvenating head-to-toe skin polish, your IPSA spa therapist then uses bespoke intensive massage techniques, which work to either help to tone and firm your skin or to eliminate toxins. By using Decléor’s Slim Effect products, your IPSA therapist makes use of this state-of-the art ‘contouring’ technology to leave your body looking and feeling firmer, smoother and tighter.