Advanced Electrolysis

Electro surgery

In the United Kingdom, many people believe that ‘electrolysis’ is used only for hair-removal. However, a whole range of skin-related issues can be treated with more advanced electrolysis techniques called ‘electro surgery’.

What type of conditions can be treated at the IPSA skin clinic using electro surgery?

Your specialist IPSA skin clinic can treat various conditions using electro surgery, including:

  • Thread veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Red veins
  • Skin tags
  • Blood spots (which are also called Campbell de Morgan spots)
  • Warts
  • Verrucae
  • Spider naevi
  • Dermatosis papulose nigra
  • Milia

Electro surgery is now becoming a popular and highly effective treatment for the safe removal of these common skin lesions for both men and women. The technique is straightforward, comfortable, with no surgical involvement, and so no recovery time is required.


Your IPSA electro surgery consultation

At your IPSA skin clinic, your IPSA physician, who is a specialist in skin care, will examine you, assess the number of treatments required (as it is important not to ‘overwork’ the area that is going to be treated), the timing of those treatments, and will discuss the treatment method fully with you in IPSA’s professional and confidential medical setting. As IPSA’s physicians operate with a person-centred approach, they will always keep you fully informed and involved in your treatment plan.


How does electro surgery work?

Using a special magnifying lamp, a tiny sterile needle is introduced into the area or alongside the area that is to be treated. Once the needle is in position, a small current of energy is then discharged exactly at the right point to achieve maximum effect.


How long will my IPSA electro surgery treatment take?

Obviously, depending on the number, size and nature of your problem, the time taken to treat your condition will be assessed and discussed with you during your IPSA electro surgery consultation. The spacing and number of treatments will be clearly explained to you, taking into account your own expectations regarding the speed of the process.#


Treating broken capillaries, thread veins and red veins at your IPSA skin clinic

These conditions are usually found on the face, especially around the nose, and on the legs. These are caused by a number of different factors, including pregnancy, harsh weather, ageing and smoking. The tiny needle is placed on (not in) the vein and then the current of electricity is released. The current cauterizes the vein. This kills the vessel wall, causing the blood to clot (coagulate), move up to the surface, and finally, to disappear.


Treating blood spots (Campbell de Morgan spots) and spider naevus at your IPSA skin clinic

Blood spots (Campbell de Morgan spots) are bright red in colour and are a type of vascular blemish that can develop on your body (often on your torso or trunk). These are a natural part of the skin-ageing process when cell renewal starts to slow down.

Spider naevus, which is sometimes caused by ‘squeezing’, is a dilated central blood vessel that has capillaries radiating outwards from the centre. They are usually found in isolation or can be grouped together in a specific area, such as your cheeks.

Both blood spots and spider naevus are treated in the same way as capillaries and veins are.


Treating warts, skin tags, milia and dermatosis papulosa nigra at your IPSA skin clinic

There are several types of warts, including plain, common, seborrhoeic (which are more common as you age) and verrucae, which can all develop individually or they can develop in groups. All varieties of warts are non-cancerous (benign) and they can all be treated successfully with electro surgery.

Skin tags are common and they are usually found around your neck, your bust, or in areas of friction (such as your underarms). Skin tags are harmless, but they can be irritating and unsightly.

Milia are small, hard and white cysts that are filled with keratin. They lie superficially underneath the skin surface, usually around the eyes.

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a common disorder that develops on black skin during adolescence. It causes roundish black papules on the neck, chest and cheeks.

All of these benign (non-cancerous) conditions are treated by the gentle insertion of the very fine needle into the actual area to be treated. The electrical current that is then released kills it (from the inside), thus causing it to dry up and then fall off.

For any of the above conditions, you can book your same-day IPSA skin clinic electro surgery consultation over the phone or online.