Non-Surgical Facelift

Radiofrequency (or RF) skin tightening is a non-surgical and groundbreaking development in the world of cosmetic medicine. This pioneering technology treats the early signs of sagging or loose skin efficiently and remarkably.

Non-surgical facelifts at your IPSA skin clinic

At IPSA, our radiofrequency treatments treat skin elasticity by restructuring collagen in the skin. For clients (usually from their mid-thirties onwards) with mild to moderate sagging of their facial tissues, this treatment is perfect. Any skin colour can undergo this procedure with no downtime.

What are the main non-surgical facelift treatments that are currently available?

Thermage, Ulthera and Exilis ELITE are the most popular treatments for skin tightening. The Exilis ELITE is the more current, more affordable and the most promising of the previously mentioned procedures, and as suggested by early data, it might be slightly more effective, as well as the most comfortable procedure to undergo. The most painful treatment is considered to be Ulthera and the most expensive is Thermage. However, all three treatments provide a similar result.

Exilis is the only monopolar RF system incorporating ultrasonic energy into one hand piece. Exilis initiates the immediate shrinking of loose tissue, as well as the long-term collagen production that is essential for tightening and lifting loose skin over time. At your IPSA clinic, your IPSA skin specialist will recommend this treatment, particularly for treating your neck, jowls and brows, and especially your abdomen.
Monopolar RF is used in RF facial skin tightening in order to heat up the collagen fibres present in your skin, stimulating the cells that are responsible for healing (fibroblasts) and generating connective tissue, which ultimately produces new collagen. Over 12 weeks, the collagen eventually rises to the surface of the targeted area, gradually giving you more youthful, tighter and rejuvenated skin that appears firmer and fresher. Your IPSA skin clinic uses RF energy, with twice as much power and effectiveness of the original Exilis device (which is sometimes used at salons or spas). With the new Exilis ELITE, better results can be achieved in half the number of treatments thanks to the new, innovative and advanced safety control system that is built in to Exilis ELITE.

What areas can be treated with the Exilis device at my IPSA skin clinic?

Forehead/Eyebrows – Through targeting the skin on your forehead, your eyebrows can be lifted and the appearance of your eyes enhanced, making them look more open, more alert and thoroughly rejuvenated.
Eyes – Eye bags and the skin around the eye area including the top, bottom lid and the crow’s feet can be treated by targeting the area around the eye.
Jowls – Through treatment, your cheeks, jowls and the area under your chin can be re-texturized and tightened dramatically.
Neck – A common area that often loses its definition over time, the neck area is one that can benefit from the treatment.
Décolleté – The Exilis procedure can be used effectively on your décolleté.

When should I consider having a non-surgical skin-tightening procedure?

  • If the skin on your face, neck, arms or abdomen is mildly to moderately loose.
  • If, post any operative procedure, you have residual skin laxity.
  • If you would like the quality of your skin to show an improvement.
  • If you find yourself either unwilling or unable to undergo a more intrusive type of surgical procedure to reverse the laxity of your skin.

From as soon as the first session, results will become visible: Exilis provides quick and effective skin tightening as well as treatment for your wrinkles and rhytids.

What is involved in the Exilis procedure?

From session to session, the Exilis computer-controlled device will be guided over your chosen targeted area. IPSA’s clients often describe feeling a warming sensation as the energy penetrates the skin to its deepest layers. Exilis is an extremely effective aesthetic solution due to its ability to channel the energy into specific areas of the skin as well to precise depths. Cooling is provided to your skin’s surface by the underside of the applicator. The built-in thermometer ensures that you maintain maximum levels of comfortability throughout, as your skilled IPSA skin specialist is able to sustain a consistent temperature during the procedure. A comfortable, even treatment is provided, because when the device’s cooling system is engaged, it maintains the correct temperature to heat your deep tissue. In the case of the upper layers of skin however, only controlled heating is engaged, and this is perfect for the redefinition and rejuvenation of loose skin and wrinkles.

Are radiofrequency (RF) skin-laxity treatments safe?

This Federal Drug Administration approved treatment is considered safe for all areas of your face, neck and body.

What does the RF treatment feel like?

The treatment produces a feeling of an intense warming of the skin, which despite sometimes feeling hot, should never feel painful or intolerable, and it will definitely not burn you. Your comfort levels will be checked by your IPSA skin specialist throughout to ensure you feel no discomfort.

Can every skin colour receive this treatment?

This treatment is suitable for every skin colour, even sun-tanned skin, as the radiofrequency heat incorporated into this technology is colour blind.

How long will it take me to recover post-treatment?

No scalpels, needles, anaesthetic or sedation are used for this treatment; therefore, this method is considered to be 100% non-invasive. With no restrictions or limitations imposed, patients are completely free to continue their lives immediately post-treatment.

What is the length of time required for each treatment

Every Exilis treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes per side and per area. Each area of treatment is roughly a 5″x7″ space on each side of the patient’s body. Love handles are an example of what is considered as one area. The left and right side are treated in that order for 15 minutes each.
To book your same-day IPSA non-surgical facelift consultation, phone your IPSA skin clinic or make your booking online.