“Great service, very quick and efficient. We were seen almost immediately and our daughter was diagnosed within a few minutes. Very friendly staff, especially the doctor. Many Thanks.”

Antonina Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I found it extremely reassuring to have a doctor taking their time to assess and diagnose my condition, without feeling rushed to let in the next patient.”

Ray Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“100% peace of mind to know that no matter how late and/ or after work I can always come here for advice and help, including being able to see a Dr straight away. My experience has been always excellent and reliable. Knowing IPSA is round the corner has changed my whole approach and feelings about Health Care. Thank you everyone at IPSA.”

Polly Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“When I first came Dr Mustafa, I was very fragile, fearful and scared. Dr. Mustafa was very friendly, calm and patient with me, she took time to examine me and refer me on further tests. Everything was explained to me in great detail and I found that I have a huge amount of faith in her. I intend to continue visiting Dr. Mustafa as my General Practitioner and have today brought my 18 year old son to see her for professional advice. I have found that everyone that I have had any dealings with at IPSA to be extremely kind and caring. I cannot recommend IPSA enough. Many thanks.”

Katie Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Doctor Mustafa was very informative and helpful. Thank you!”

Holly Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“The doctor and the staff in reception were both excellent. I felt completely at ease throughout the consultation. Top service. “

Harry Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Excellent service, very informative, efficient and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend.”

Bradley Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I have been seen by Dr. Mustafa. She is a wonderful lady, she is very helpful, and I’m very happy that I have been treated by her.” 

Hayley Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Getting an NHS appointment has been a long struggle for me. When I get sick I need to see a Doctor immediately, not in 2 weeks!!! Walking into IPSA or simply calling for a same day appointment has been invaluable to me. The friendly Doctor is a great listener, taking time to assess everything you tell her, asking questions and making sure your questions answered. I have never been helped in the UK with such professionalism and will recommend anyone to make use of the services they offer. Thanks for everything!! “

Harry Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I choose this walk-in clinic because they are very quick to answer my needs when it comes to emergency. Besides the staff are accommodating. They really work and take good care of me. It is easy for me because they close late. Dr. Ambia Mustafa is always ready to help.”

Maya Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“This is an incredible service. Travellers need immediate attention and this provides it. I felt comfortable. My doctor did an incredible job explaining complex medical ideas in terms I could understand. Not only that, but she was extremely respectful and anticipated my needs. I felt comfortable in a completely foreign environment. I felt secure and confident in the diagnosis. Normally I do not enjoy the doctors, but this experience was pleasant. “

Hilda Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Dr Mustafa was wonderful, I would highly recommend her for any medical advice or consultation. Thank you for helping me.”

Poppy Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I was very happy with the service, both for myself, my wife and my daughters. I would definitely recommend IPSA to others.”

Leonard Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01




Please note: These are genuine IPSA Medical patients who have given the clinic their express, written permission to share their experiences at IPSA Medical Centre. Naturally IPSA wishes to keep confidential the identity of it’s patients and IPSA has taken steps to help ensure this. The testimonials provided a true and accurate reflection of the testimonials given by the patients.