Skin Clinic Testimonials

IPSA Medical Clinic under the supervision of Dr Ambia has a large and distinguished list of extremely satisfied clients. The overwhelming majority of our patients at our skin clinic have rated IPSA 10/10 in terms of service and results. Furthermore the overwhelming majority of our clients within the skin clinic are either repeat clients or recommendations from existing clients.

Dr Ambia prides herself on perfection, giving time and attention to every single patient. Dr Ambia’s dedication and expertise means that our patients get the natural look that they are after. Naturally the majority of our clientele do not tell the people around them that they are having any treatment or have ever had any treatments for that matter.

We will be populating this area with many more testimonials however we are constantly working with our patients to reassure confidentiality.

“Quick, easy, efficient, friendly service. Left a detailed message and received a call back with response that indicated the Dr went to the trouble do reading my message and had considered it. Highly recommended.”

Joshua Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Arriving at IPSA was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. My worries were instantly put at ease and I felt assured through all the information being thoroughly explained to me. The Botox experience itself was quick and pain free, and the Doctor gave me their ideas’ as to what they thought I needed without any pressure to do anything instantly, But what I wanted to change was listened to and the treatment fixed it! The two week follow up was brilliant as it gave me a chance to say anything I thought would be different once the Botox had settled and I will definitely be returning!”

Tracy Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Easy. Fast. Clear. I came here with a bad problem and I received a really helpful treatment in information and cure “

Kelsea Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I had a facial cosmetic treatment with Dr. Mustafa and it couldn’t have gone better. The whole atmosphere of IPSA is very welcoming and Dr. Mustafa was extremely careful and detailed about the procedures. After having Jurederm and Botox done, I had no bruises or any other problems that would be easily reported after that type of procedure. I am very happy with the results and especially with a good relationship established with a clinic. I definitely recommend IPSA to anyone looking for a natural look at an affordable cost.”

Lilly Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Fast and efficient service. Clean and comfortable surroundings. Explained my condition clearly and was helpful and reassuring especially with aftercare.”

Sid Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I was very happy with the service provided. The doctor spoke really well and had a lot of insight on my problem. The doctor’s explanation was good and I was treated well. “

Miller Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“The doctor was great! She was very kind and lovely. I didn’t feel like an inconvenience. Professional throughout. Many thanks.”

Harvey Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“When I came in May, I had pigmentation all over my face. After seeing Dr. Mustafa I was prescribed creams which helped me and I saw the results. I stopped using other products and did not have to worry about so many products. I am really happy and satisfied with the results. I feel beautiful again every time I look in the mirror. “

Isla Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Very friendly and helpful staff and doctor. Treatment was clearly explained, I had time to ask questions and didn’t feel rushed. It’s great that there’s a wide range of appointments availability out of hours and weekends.”

Carl Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“As soon as I walked in I felt at ease. The doctor made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I have done the treatment before with the doctor and both times I was satisfied. “

Kent Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“The service of the doctor was very nice and they were very respectful too.”

Harrison Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I was kept waiting longer than I expected however when I saw the doctor she was very supportive, kind and easy to talk to. I was very satisfied with the overall service.”

Brianna Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I was satisfied with my treatment. The communication from the doctor was excellent. I would recommend IPSA’s service to anyone. “

Rose Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I would like to thank the IPSA clinic. I am very grateful to have found such an amazing clinic. For my treatment all my family said I looked really good and younger. I feel now very confident and I will definitely recommend IPSA to anyone. Your service is fantastic. I am so glad I picked you guys.”

Lanena Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I attended the IPSA clinic, and I must say that the results from the treatment were amazing and I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends and family members. Best wishes and thanks again.”

Ethel Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I was so glad to meet such an amazing set of staff who help provide a fantastic service for what I have been looking for so many years in England. I would definitely recommend the same treatment I had (Botox and filler) to my friends. I would like to stay with the clinic and my doctor for a long time. Thank you for giving me so much confidence.”

Francis Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I had Botox on the forehead, good result apart from that my eyebrows now crease vertically, which is very odd. Also I had filler in the cheeks, lips, nose and mouth area. I was a bit shocked by how my lips bruised and swelled up, but everything was alright after a week. I am very pleased with the result and I will come back for more when needed. The doctor is excellent, gave me good information and great aftercare. the information was very thorough and clear. My follow up appointment was very informative. I was treated with kindness and respect. I have absolutely no complaints, just the opposite in fact.”

Debbie Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I’ve spent many years wanting Botox and fillers but I was too frightened. I came here and felt happy and confident that I was in safe hands. I’ve had many appointments now and always leave happy with my results. Also I now have different procedures as I I’m so confident with the results. I’ve also told all my friends about IPSA.”

Dan Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Dermalogica: very good products. Used them for 12-15 years, and will never change. Especially happy with the Intensive Balance and eye products. Serums is also very helpful for the skin.”

Margrit Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I would recommend this cosmetic treatment.”

Hoze Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I’m really so happy about my filler treatment. This was the first time and I’d like to continue to work with you.”

Victoria Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Very effective and safe. I will do it again and recommend my friends and family. (Cosmetic treatment)”

Holly Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“It was my first time seeing Dr Ambia, she was very patient and professional with me. I have had a skin allergy and rashes for over 5 month and have been to the GP and hospitals about my skin but have yet to recover. I would highly recommend Dr Ambia to my friends and family, thank you very much for your kind conclution today.”

Anna Lucia Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I found Dr Ambia Mustafa extremely knowledgeable, she is nice and provides effective solutions for any kind of medical condition. I was suffering from a skin condition and the problem disappeared after using medicines prescribed by Dr Mustafa. I would not hesitate to recommend her to patients or friends suffering from any condition.”

Donna Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I have been visiting Dr Mustafa for almost two years for Botox treatments. I have always been extremely satisfied with the experience overall and particularly with the doctor’s explanations of the treatment and the care she takes in administering the treatment. She is my first and only Botox expert and I am so pleased I have found her expertise. I am always delighted with the results.”

Jackie Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01



Please note: These are genuine IPSA Medical patients who have given the clinic their express, written permission to share their experiences at IPSA Medical Centre. Naturally IPSA wishes to keep confidential the identity of it’s patients and IPSA has taken steps to help ensure this. The testimonials provided a true and accurate reflection of the testimonials given by the patients.