Joint Injections

Steroid Joint Injections

Steroid injections are usually advised for patients who suffer with arthritis or inflammation – often in the shoulder, knee, elbow or wrist joints.

If you are experiencing joint pain, visit our doctors at IPSA medical. We can prescribe a number of effective treatments to ease your symptoms.

Steroid joint injections can help reduce the pain and swelling in your joints, improving your mobility in that area.

These injections can provide pain relief for 3 to 6 months, depending what type of steroid you have, how severe your injury is, and the disease in the joint.

You can have repeat injections every three months if needed. Generally you should have no more than four injections per year.

Arthritis Treatment at IPSA

At IPSA, our doctors are fully trained in joint injections and minor procedures. You will be seen and examined immediately in a clean, quiet environment where we will fully examine the affected joint to rule out other medical conditions.

We will discuss the best mode of treatment for your joints and offer you a range of treatment options that could include analgesia, anti-inflammatory medication, exercises or steroid injections.

If during the consultation, we feel that steroid injections are the best course of treatment, we will explain what will happen before, during and after your procedure, and any pain you might experience. Our IPSA doctor will take you through any risks, benefits or alternatives so that you are fully informed as to what the procedure entails.

When you are happy with what we have discussed and have consented to go ahead, you may be asked to sign a consent form.

Following the steroid injection, we will offer you thorough aftercare advice and our doctors may recommend and prescribe medication after the procedure to maximise healing.

If necessary, further tests may be recommended and discussed by the doctor during your appointment.

If our doctor finds that further imaging is necessary, IPSA can organise MRI or ultrasound scans, and x-rays of the joints immediately with no prolonged waits.

If you’re considering a steroid injection, talk to an IPSA doctor today.

How do Steroid Injections Work?

Once we have examined the affected area, we will clean your skin with a sterile wipe. We will then give you a local anaesthetic and inject the steroid.

When you have had a local anaesthetic it can take a few hours before you regain the feeling in your joint. Be careful not to bump or knock the area.

As the anaesthetic wears off, you may need extra pain relief for any discomfort you may experience.

You can usually go home when you feel ready. Before you do, our doctors may assess the movement in your joint and recommend some exercises, which you can do at home.

Steroid joint injections rarely cause any problems afterwards, but please contact IPSA medical immediately if you have a high temperature, persistent swelling, redness, or if the pain in your joint does not settle within the first couple of days.

Contact IPSA medical today. Our doctors can usually offer you a same-day appointment.

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