Obagi Nuderm is a skincare range that is available via prescription only. It is ideal for the following issues:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation/sun damage
  • Loss of elasticity

Obagi Nuderm can be used as a treatment for areas that have been exposed to excessive sun damage, which results in having areas with excessive fine lines and pigmentation. This type of treatment is effective for acne-related pigmentation.


Your Obagi Nuderm IPSA skin clinic consultation

The Obagi Nuderm treatment involves an IPSA skin care consultation with your specialist IPSA physician to determine your suitability for using Obagi Nuderm. The products used in the system are then prescribed to you and you can start your treatment at home at a time to suit you.

At the IPSA clinic, we will carry out a weekly review to ensure that the results of your treatment are satisfactory and that you have achieved the desired results with the treatment system. Once the desired results have been achieved, a reduced-frequency maintenance program is then introduced, using exactly the same products, but less often.

Through your specialist IPSA Obagi Nuderm consultation, combined with at-home care, we can speed up your skin-regeneration process, allowing for new and healthy skin to reach the surface, giving you tighter, younger-looking, less pigmented and brighter skin.


How does Obagi Nuderm work?

Your skin can take as long as 5 to 6 weeks to completely regenerate, as the stratum corneum (the tough outer layer of the skin) acts in a similar way to an impenetrable barrier by protecting your body from infection, pollution, injury and the increasingly harmful rays from the sun. This outer skin layer also acts like a kind of diary; it ‘records’ past events such as extreme sunburn or scarring from acne and it becomes thicker as you age. These skin ‘memories’ never fade as the skin takes such a long time to regenerate, so the fresh new skin never gets the chance to reach the surface.

The Obagi Nuderm system is special because of its active ingredients. The active ingredients prevent the skin’s melanocytes from producing any further pigment, with the vitamin A-based ingredient in the product removing any excess pigmentation that is already present in the skin, as well as acting to rejuvenate the skin and remove wrinkles. With the Obagi Nuderm system, your skin is exfoliated and the patented deep-penetrating system means that the ingredients can travel much deeper into the skin than any other form of treatment can.


What does the Obagi Nuderm treatment include?

The Obagi Nuderm treatment system involves using a course of seven products. These products are applied to the treatment areas daily and the system usually replaces your existing daily skincare regime. The seven products in the system are listed below:

  • Cleanser
  • Clear
  • Exfoderm
  • Blender
  • Toner
  • Vitamin A
  • Sunfader


How does the treatment work?

The products in the Obagi Nuderm system act together and improve your skin’s condition. The key principle of the treatment system is the ingredients. These act to suppress pigment formation in any new skin and the exfoderm increases shedding in the top layer (the older layer) of the skin. This means that the younger (less pigmented) skin comes to the surface, which can help to reduce any areas showing increased pigmentation. When the top layer of your skin is shed, then the younger skin that comes through appears tighter, younger and has fewer lines and wrinkles.


What results can I expect from Obagi Nuderm?

You skin will appear brighter, more youthful and clearer after completing the course for the recommended treatment time, with wrinkles and fine lines dramatically reduced. Your skin tone will also be more even.

The system involves using all seven products each day, which may sound a little excessive; however, the system will become part of your daily skincare regime. When you are on the Obagi Nuderm course, you can also experience some skin peeling. This is why we conduct regular reviews at the IPSA skin clinic to ensure the correct strength of the products being used and that your frequency of use is suitable, as some areas can become irritated through over-use of the products. If you have any queries, then you can contact your IPSA skin clinic and request to speak to your IPSA treating physician.


Obagi ‘Blue Peel Radiance’

Blue Peel Radiance improves your skin’s feel, look and texture within minutes.

For most skin types, this means instant, radiant results. There is an overall improvement in both the tone and the texture of your skin and the Blue Peel Radiance improves a whole range of skin problems, even photo damage. If you have pigmentary changes and darker skin, then this may be beneficial for you. There is little/no downtime, as the exfoliation is superficial, and with just a single use, your skin is instantly radiant (you will have smoother, tighter and brighter-looking skin). The best overall results are achieved after 4–6 peels with Blue Peel Radiance.

To book your Obagi Nuderm IPSA skin clinic consultation, simply phone the IPSA skin clinic or book online.