Sexual Health Swabs

At your IPSA medical clinic, your IPSA clinician can provide you with a treatment course following any boils or abscesses that you present with.

Swab tests are usually indicated when you have been placed on an antibiotic course but your symptoms have not fully resolved.

They are helpful in directing the antibiotic choice and allowing your IPSA physician to identify an antibiotic that is effective against the organism causing your infection.

Your IPSA clinic offers a whole range of swab tests, including:
• Eye swabs
• Throat swabs
• Vaginal swabs
• Skin swabs
• Swabs of wound sites, abscesses, boils and of any other abnormal discharges

If, during your consultation, your IPSA practitioner is in any way concerned, he/she will immediately start you on antibiotics (prior to taking any swabs), and will contact you immediately as soon as your swab results are returned if there is a need to change the type of antibiotic you are on. Your IPSA pharmacy is an on-site well-stocked facility and your new prescription can be left on site so that you can collect any alternative antibiotics recommended by the laboratory based on the findings from your swab tests.

If you do require a swab test, then book in at your IPSA clinic for a same-day swab test appointment. You can phone IPSA or use IPSA’s online booking procedure.


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