Bacterial Infections & Treatment

There are a number of different bacterial infections which may or may not be sexually transmitted. Common organisms causing vaginal infections include, group B streptococcus, gardenrella, trichomonas and yeast infections.

Common symptoms of a bacterial infection include soreness, pelvic pains, offensive or discoloured discharge, itching, spotting after sex or pain during sex. Whilst bacterial infections are not life threatening, these infections can all cause chronic problems with pain, and discharge and in some cases can have further implications in pregnant women or women about to deliver.

Bacterial infections are picked by a simple swab of the discharge and can be easily treated with a course of antibiotics for you and your partner. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or would just like a full health screen we suggest that you visit for a consultation to discuss your symptoms further with our doctor.

If during the examination the doctor feels that there is an infection present you will be given a course of antbiotics whilst you await your results. All results are explained in person and during this time your doctor will also go through general measures to prevent future infections.

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