Hormone Testing

Female hormone testing

In women hormone testing can be used to detect diabetes, thyroid disorders and gynaecological conditions like polycystic ovaries and menopause/fertility problems. The test is useful when the consultation points at a hormonal imbalance being the cause of certain clinical symptoms like, increased thirst, weight loss/gain, acne, excess hair or hair loss, abnormal periods, or fertility problems.

Male Hormonal testing

In men hormone profiling can be useful to detect a range of disorders including diabetes, thyroid problems, low testosterone etc. Indication of hormonal imbalance in men may include a range of symptoms such as hair loss, weight loss/gain, tiredness, low mood, increased thirst, erectile problems etc. All hormonal tests are done via a blood sample taken from the arm and all results will be discussed and explained to you in detail via the doctor on a face to face basis.
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