Renal Screening

Your renal blood test at your IPSA clinic

At your IPSA clinic, screening you yearly for your renal function (a kidney function blood test) is important, especially if:

  • You are taking a range of medications
  • You are taking a diuretic medication such as frusemide (a water-loss tablet)
  • You have had repeating kidney or urine infections
  • You are taking angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in order to control blood pressure
  • You are feeling generally tired or generally feel unwell

If you have a poorly functioning kidney or a failed kidney, your resulting health issues are quite difficult to diagnose based solely on your presenting symptoms. Consequently, by having your kidney (renal) blood test at your IPSA clinic, your IPSA physician will be able to directly monitor how well your kidneys are actually functioning. If you have a medical history of high/raised blood pressure or of diabetes, or have a family history of multiple kidney or urine infections/issues, then it is of paramount importance that you have a kidney function test each year. At your IPSA clinic, your renal (kidney function) blood test results will be back within 24 hours. Your IPSA clinician will interpret your results, clearly explain them and give you a copy of your renal screening results.


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