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Blood Tests

There are many reasons why you might need a blood test. You might require a blood test to rule out serious pathology, to confirm a diagnosis, or for your own peace of mind.


Blood tests at your IPSA clinic

Your IPSA clinic offers a large range of different blood tests. At IPSA, your IPSA physician will ensure that any blood tests that are suggested are appropriate for you, and this is sometimes done by carrying out a consultation to assess both your clinical history and the most likely diagnosis prior to undertaking the tests.


If you have already been asked to undertake a blood test by a healthcare professional, then inform your IPSA clinic when you book your appointment with us, as IPSA might ask that you bring your written request/form to your blood test appointment for your IPSA clinician to see.


All of our IPSA clinic samples are collected throughout the day by a courier from a 24-hour Central London laboratory, which enables IPSA to turn around your results quickly. The fees for your blood tests are in addition to any of IPSA’s consultation fees and we charge for these on the day of your appointment.


The most common blood tests can be turned around in about six hours. At IPSA, following our client-centred and fully confidential approach, all of your blood test results will be fully explained to you by your IPSA physician and all of your results will be forwarded directly to you.


To book your same-day blood tests at your IPSA clinic, simply call your nearest IPSA clinic or book your appointment through our online booking facility.


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