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The IPSA Medical clinic has now been going strong for nearly 2 years.
We have focused on providing the best possible care for our patients. We promise to do whatever we can to meet your needs. And we promise never, ever to rush you.
We have refrained from marketing and advertising our services. As you will see from the vast majority of testimonials, our clientele are returning patients or word-of-mouth recommendations.

IPSA’s Service and Value

At IPSA, our primary concern is patient welfare. The quality of care and services to our patients means everything to us. Nevertheless, we understand that value for money is also important to our patients.
Although we cannot and will not compromise on the quality of our care or our service to you, we have gone out of our way to ensure that our patients receive the best possible value.

Many companies say this, but how many actually deliver? This is what we have done at IPSA. Firstly, we have negotiated with all our service partners and suppliers to ensure the best prices so the savings can be passed on to you directly.

Next (and very importantly), we have thoroughly reviewed the prices of every other provider in the vicinity. We did not just look at the HEADLINE-GRABBING numbers, but at the TOTAL PRICE that you would typically have to pay.

We have made sure that our prices are not only competitive, but LIKE-FOR-LIKE, they are LOWER. So just to recap: convenient access seven days a week, outstanding service and lower prices. THIS IS OUR PROMISE TO YOU…


Although IPSA offers you great value for money, many of our regular patients have asked whether it would be possible to have a membership scheme (say, similar to a gym) where you could visit your GP as often as you liked.
As getting an NHS GP appointment becomes more and more difficult, as it becomes more and more challenging for your NHS GP to prescribe the best medicine for you or to request services and scans that they would like, it is easy to see why busy individuals or those who simply care about their health are increasingly feeling let down and isolated.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce to you MyGP Direct.
MyGP direct is a self-pay private GP membership scheme that guarantees you a GP appointment on the same day (often straight away).
MyGP Direct is a cost-effective way to see your personal private GP, 365 days a year. Late at night, at the weekend, or even on a public holiday.

We have made it so simple that, in emergencies, you can contact your GP via the phone or even via a videoconference call, whether you are at home, at work, or even if you are abroad.
What we can give you is peace of mind; your GP is never more than a phone call away. All this starts from as little as £99 a month. Furthermore, there are tremendous benefits to being on this scheme such as 20% off all prescription medication.

Below is a summary of what it means to be a MyGP Direct member. You can also find us on


MyGp Direct – Express Membership – £119pa

Pay a one-off fee of just £119 and see your personal private GP at a 30% discount every time (just £69 instead of £90), plus receive a 20% discount off all private medication dispenses at IPSA.

£119 one-off annual fee (min. 12-month membership)

MyGp Direct – Gold Plus+ Membership from £99pm

This is a comprehensive plan, providing you with up to 36 GP appointments or telephone/video consultations per year for a one-off discounted fee or monthly subscription.

£99 per month (12-month membership) or
£1,095 one-off fee per annum

MyGp Direct – Platinum Plus+ Membership from £199pm

This is a comprehensive plan, providing you with unlimited GP appointments or telephone/video consultations per year for a monthly fee or a one-off discounted price.

£199 per month (12-month membership) or
£1,995 one-off fee per annum

Traveller Plus+ (3 months membership)

Ideal for the traveller or temporary resident, this plan provides you with up to 8 GP appointments or telephone/video consultations per 3 months for a one-off fee.

£375 one-off fee (for a 3-month membership)

Family Package Protection Plus+ from £250pm

Ideal for the family. Up to 2 adults and 2 children. See your GP collectively with up to 75 appointments or telephone/video consultations per year for a one-off fee or monthly scheme.

£250 per month (12-month membership) or
£2,500 one-off fee per annum



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