Pre-Employment Medicals

Your IPSA Clinic and Pre-Employment Health Screening

Pre-employment health screening can help your company to prevent costly sick leave, can help with your employees’ general health, can be used to check for drug/alcohol abuse and can help you with staff welfare.

Your IPSA clinic offers thorough medical examinations with further investigations possible, as agreed with your company. IPSA’s professional and conducive atmosphere means your prospective employees will feel both comfortable and assured during their pre-employment medicals.

IPSA’s pre-employment health screening service offering includes:

  • A meeting and/or a telephone consultation to determine your company’s requirements
  • Formulating the appropriate tests for your employees
  • Diary management/support
  • Open communication with you plus ongoing coordination with your human resource team
  • A fast turnaround for all reports
  • Ongoing support if there are any unexpected/difficult outcomes
  • Significant discounts for multiple bookings
  • Advice regarding the appropriate screening required for each job type
  • Tailored medicals for your company within your stipulated budget

IPSA’s pre-employment medicals for individuals

At your IPSA clinic, your IPSA physician will work with you, addressing any of your health risks and supporting you as you go through the pre-employment medical check process.
Your IPSA clinician always works to ensure that you understand the process itself and the tests that you will undergo. IPSA’s policy is that we are upfront about our fees and we will give you an exact quote before you come to your pre-employment medical.

Your IPSA physician will call you to discuss your test results, and, if required, to organise any further reviews via specialists.
The exact cost of your medical will be based on the extent of the investigations that your prospective company requests.
You can email your paperwork to your IPSA clinic and we will give you an exact pre-employment medical quote before your appointment.
Your pre-employment medical consultation can take up to one hour with your IPSA physician.

The report of your pre-employment medical consultation/examination is usually ready within 24 hours; however, if your company has requested blood tests or x-rays, your final report could take a couple of days.
Some pre-employment medicals require a stool and/or a urine culture and the results can take up to 72 hours to come back. If your pre-employment medical requires a malarial or filarial antibody test, then this increases the final report turnaround time to ten working days. You can opt to receive your pre-employment medical report by email, by post or you can collect it in person from your IPSA clinic.