General Consultation

IPSA offers standard surgery consultations of up to 30 minutes. IPSA’s extended appointment time enables our skilled IPSA clinicians to offer you a superior level of medical care, with ample time for you to discuss all of your medical concerns.

Your IPSA clinic’s surgery opening hours are extended and are designed to support your busy life; IPSA offers weekend, evening and late-night appointments.

If you cannot attend an appointment in IPSA’s surgery, then IPSA also offers telephone consultations; however, a face-to-face consultation may be necessary to enable a full diagnosis.

IPSA appointments are available for clients who may be looking for a second opinion, for those who are holidaying in the area, or for those who perhaps require a more urgent appointment than they are able to get with their current GP. At your IPSA clinic, you will always see the same IPSA physician, as this creates a smoother and more comfortable experience because your IPSA physician will be aware of both your background history and of your specific medical needs.


What happens if I have to cancel my IPSA appointment?
To avoid any missed appointment fees, IPSA asks that if you cannot attend, you inform your IPSA clinic at least four hours prior to your appointment time. For IPSA’s home visits, there is a 50% charge of the relevant fee. IPSA does appreciate that events can sometimes develop that make it impossible for our clients to attend their booked appointments, so in those instances, fees are charged at IPSA’s discretion.


IPSA home visits
IPSA home visits are available for clients who live within a 15-mile radius of both of IPSA’s surgery locations. Home visits can be arranged at your IPSA clinic’s discretion.


Why choose IPSA?
At your IPSA clinic, we are neither finance-driven nor target-driven in terms of the care we provide. IPSA always works from the perspective of patient-centred care.

IPSA is subject to the Care Quality Commission’s rigorous licensing and scrutiny processes.

As IPSA has long opening hours combined with weekend opening, we provide convenient, immediate and prompt access to your IPSA medical team and always operate with the highest levels of care.


Your IPSA clinic’s specialities
Your IPSA clinic regularly sees and handles minor accidents and emergencies, family planning, gynaecology, minor surgery, dermatology and paediatrics, as well as general practice patients.

With IPSA’s policy of total confidentiality and our conducive, comfortable and clean clinics, combined with standard client-centred consultations of up to 20 minutes, there are many opportunities for our skilled IPSA clinicians to properly discuss and understand the health concerns of our clients.


Referral to private specialists
After your IPSA consultation, if your IPSA physician determines that you would benefit from a referral, he/she will direct you, as at IPSA, we have access to and good knowledge regarding a wide network of private consultants.

If you do require any further tests to be carried out, IPSA also has direct connections to hospitals for further investigations such as X-rays, MRIs, endoscopies, colonoscopies and other types of medical imaging.


Will IPSA work with my NHS GP?
IPSA offers a totally confidential service; however, if any of our clients wish for us to liaise with their NHS GPs and give their full consent, then we can work with NHS GPs.


Consultation – Standard (up to 30 minutes) £90
Consultation – Follow up (follow up for results – free) £60

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