Hayfever / Allergy Injections

Hayfever Injections

If you are suffering from severe hayfever, a hayfever injection could help relieve your symptoms. This injection contains a steroid and is extremely effective if you suffer from serious side-effects of hayfever.

You will need a consultation with our doctors to see if a hayfever injection is a possibility for you. Patients are often also offered a prescription strength antihistamine to deal with any other symptoms.

Allergy Treatments at IPSA

When you have an allergy consultation at IPSA, we will take the time to discuss how severe your symptoms are and assess how they may be impacting on your day-to-day life.

We aim to minimise the severity of your symptoms and allow you to function well during the height of the hayfever season.

What are Your Options?

Lots of people suffer with intolerable symptoms for 3 to 6 months or more of the year, and over-the-counter products like Piriton may not ease your symptoms.

During your allergy consultation our doctor will talk through effective ways to minimise the allergy symptoms yourself at home. We will also discuss prescription strength medicines that are much stronger, better tolerated and more effective at controlling allergy symptoms.

We may suggest an allergy injection, which can minimise the frequency and severity of your hayfever symptoms. If we decide that this is the best course of action during your consultation, we can give you the injection immediately.

One or two allergy injections a year are quite safe and can be extremely effective, providing relief from your symptoms for one month to six months through the worst of the hayfever season.

Kenalog injections can also be used if you have very severe symptoms, perhaps aggravating co-existing asthma, and for particular circumstances.

One injection lasts about four to six weeks, with some people experiencing reduced hayfever symptoms for up to six months.

If you think your symptoms are bad enough, you will need to discuss getting these injections with our doctor during your IPSA allergy consultation.

Lots of people use steroid based creams to reduce itchy rashes, but these are not a long-term option and can lead to skin changes over time.

At IPSA medical, we can recommend specialist dermatology, natural-based skin care products to help alleviate your symptoms without the use of steroids. These can be used long-term without any safety issues. Our doctors can also recommend very effective topical prescription strength creams without a steroid base.

If you suffer from severe hayfever, contact IPSA for an appointment today.

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