Skin Treatment

Dermalogica Skin Treatment at Your IPSA Spa: 60 minutes | £60

At your IPSA spa, your IPSA skin therapist will carry out a consultation to fully assess your skin’s particular needs. With the Dermalogica Skin Treatment, based both on the results of your consultation and a specialised skin analysis where a complete Face Mapping is carried out on every facial zone, the treatment is then fully customised so as to meet your skin’s exact needs. It is this customisation alongside your IPSA skin therapist’s skill that means the treatment is effective for each and every individual. Each treatment regime includes:

  • Professional double cleansing
  • Extractions (as required, and determined during your IPSA Dermalogica Skin Treatment consultation)
  • Exfoliation
  • Masque
  • Toner
  • Skin protection

To complete your Dermalogica Skin Treatment experience, you can also customise your particular skin treatment further by choosing from amongst the range of Dermalogica Touch Therapies at your IPSA spa.