Cholesterol Screening

Cholesterol Function Blood Test

Cholesterol function blood test are important to do on a yearly basis, especially as you get older, or if you have a rich diet, if you have recently gained weight, feel tired quickly or if there is a family history of high cholesterol.

For people with a lack of exercise and people who have other medical problems like diabetes or heart disease annual cholesterol checking is a good way to monitor your general health and risk of future medicinal problems.

An annual cholesterol screen will allow the doctor to guide you on the best route possible to maintain your health. All results will be back the following day and we will interpret them fully and give you a copy of your results. We will also advise you on your diet, exercise and recommend a retesting period. If your cholesterol is very high we may recommend initiating treatment immediately. We can also advise on natural supplement to help reduce cholesterol naturally.
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