Cyst Removal

Sebaceous cyst removal

A sebaceous cyst looks like a smooth lump under the skin. It is usually small and non-painful. You will usually find them on your face, neck or trunk.

Sebaceous cysts generally grow slowly. What you can see on the surface of your skin is actually  a closed sac underneath the surface filled with an oily or cheese-like material.

If you do not have your cyst treated it may get bigger over time, become infected and form a painful abscess. If you develop an abscess, it will need medical attention and treatment.

At the IPSA clinic you will be seen by a doctor with a special interest in skin and examined in a professional, confidential environment to ensure that the cyst has not become infected.

If your cyst does become infected or inflamed, you could experience these symptoms:

  • Tender or sore skin
  • Skin redness
  • The skin in the affected area may be warm
  • A greyish-white, foul-smelling material may drain from the cyst.

Our doctors at IPSA will provide a full examination of your lumps/cysts to make sure that they are benign. We will then offer you a number of treatment options, including medication or the option to have the lump fully removed.

We will advise you about the different methods of removal you can have to offer the best healing and minimal scarring.

We can remove the cyst during your consultation and we will make sure that you have full aftercare advice afterwards.

We will ask you to return to the IPSA surgery in 10 days’ time so we can review your case and make sure that the skin is healing.

What Causes a Sebaceous Cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are usually caused by swollen hair follicles. They can also occur as a result of skin trauma. A sebaceous cyst is when a sac of cells forms and a protein called keratin is secreted.

Small, inflamed cysts can be treated with a steroid injection to reduce the swelling.

If your cyst is swollen, tender or large, you can have it drained or have surgery to remove it. Excision is very effective for removing large, unsightly cysts. If the cyst is completely removed during the process, it is very unlikely that it will return. If it is not entirely removed, it may return.

What to do if you Spot a Cyst

If you notice any new growths on your body, call IPSA medical or book online for a same-day appointment. Cysts are usually benign, however, our doctors will be able to examine your skin for signs of cancer.

Call IPSA medical today or book online for immediate access to a doctor.

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