Blood Pregnancy Tests

Why should I have a pregnancy blood test rather than a urine test?

A blood test is much more sensitive than a urine test is, and it can be carried out two days before you expect that your period is due to start.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (called hCG) is the hormone which is detected during pregnancy testing.

What are pregnancy bloods tests?

Qualitative hCG tests are used to detect the presence of hCG and are used routinely to screen for pregnancy, whereas quantitative hCG testing, which is often called beta hCG (β-hCG), is used to measure the actual amount of hCG that is present in your blood. Although the quantitative test might also be used to confirm your pregnancy, it can also be used alongside a progesterone test to help to diagnose ectopic pregnancy, to diagnose and to monitor a pregnancy that is thought to be failing, and/or to monitor you following a miscarriage.

hCG blood tests might also be used, alongside some other tests, to screen for some foetal abnormalities.

Occasionally, an hCG test is carried out as a pregnancy screen if you are about to have certain medical treatments, be placed on some types of drug, or are about to have other tests which might harm your developing baby, such as X-rays. This is the usual practice to help to confirm that you are not pregnant.

Your IPSA pregnancy blood test

When will my IPSA physician carry out a pregnancy blood test?

If your IPSA physician wants to confirm your pregnancy, then, following your pregnancy consultation, the timing of your IPSA doctor testing you will depend on how accurate you are regarding the day you expect your menstrual period. This will determine the method your IPSA practitioner will use for pregnancy testing.

If your IPSA physician wants to rule out ectopic pregnancy or monitor you following a miscarriage, the she will carry out quantitative blood hCG tests over several days. In these cases, at first you may experience all of the normal pregnancy symptoms and signs, but then you may develop other symptoms/signs that indicate your pregnancy is not continuing as would be expected.

How quickly do I get my results back for my IPSA pregnancy blood test?

Your hCG results are usually back within 4 to 6 hours at your IPSA clinic. This gives you immediate confirmation regarding whether (or not) you are pregnant.

To book your IPSA pregnancy blood test, simply phone your nearest IPSA clinic or book online for your same-day pregnancy blood test.


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