Wound Management & Dressing

Wound Management & Dressing At IPSA

A wound is a break in the skin. At IPSA we can provide you with a full range of specialist dressings, cleansing packs and expertise to dress acute wounds and provide ongoing care for chronic wounds.

Wounds we can dress:

  • Cuts and lacerations due to trauma.
  • Bruising and swelling following a fall.
  • Ulcers.
  • Cysts and abscesses post drainage procedures.
  • Surgical wounds.
  • Burns.
  • Cosmetic wounds.

At our wound care clinic we will review your wound, cleanse and dress it on a regular basis if needed, and we will also advise antibiotics if a wound is starting to look infected.

We have a range of dressings available and will use the most appropriate dressings throughout your recovery process to maximise healing and minimise scarring.

Your IPSA clinic doctor comes from an A&E background. We will provide you with a clean, quiet environment and we will examine your wound immediately.

When we have fully examined your wound, we will undertake sterile cleansing of the affected area. We will then provide you with a range of treatment options, including stitches, Steristrips, pressure bandages or glue.

Once we have assessed the injury, we will provide you with the best type of dressing for your wound to ensure the quickest recovery of the tissue.

We will provide you with thorough aftercare advice and our doctors will continue to dress and review your wound until it is fully healed.

If there is any sign of infection in the wound, we will provide you with antibiotics.

Contact IPSA for medical advice for wounds and other injuries. If you have a wound that you think is infected, contact IPSA to arrange a same-day appointment.

When to Seek Medical Advice for Wounds

You should always seek medical advice if your wound:

  • Does not stop bleeding.
  • Is very large or very deep.
  • Has something embedded in it.
  • Affects an artery or is on a joint crease.
  • Is red, sore and painful, or has pus coming out of it. Discharge may mean that it has become infected.
  • Is an old wound that looks like it might have become infected.
  • Was caused by a bite. You should seek medical attention for all animal and human bites.
    Human bites are usually happen when one person punches another person in the mouth and the person’s teeth cut their hand. This often results in small cuts to the hand and swollen, red and painful skin.

Always get a health care professional to check your wound if you are not sure how serious it is. A medical professional has the expertise to determine how serious a large or deep cut is. They will also be able to clean the wound effectively to prevent infection before stitching it up.

Getting a Tetanus Vaccination

If you skin is broken in an injury or you are bitten, it is essential that you check to see if your tetanus jabs are up-to-date. If you need a booster jab, either a doctor at IPSA or your regular medical provider will be able to provide this.


If you have had a human or an animal bite, our doctors will usually advise you to take a course of antibiotics to prevent any infection.

Contact an IPSA doctor for Wound Management & Dressing. Our doctors will be able to arrange a same-day appointment to treat your injuries.

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