Infertility Treatments

How to get started: The first step

The first step in fertility treatment involves contacting your IPSA fertility clinic. Your IPSA fertility specialist understands that this is never easy and will create a conducive and supportive person-centred approach for your IPSA fertility consultation. You are not alone, as infertility affects as many as 1 in 6 reproductive-age couples. The pathway to pregnancy is clear, so whether you have recently become concerned about your fertility or if you are looking for guidance, your IPSA practitioner will do her best to help you and your partner find the right route to pregnancy.

Your first IPSA fertility consultation is necessary before any treatment can begin. We will discuss your medical history, advise you about the available options and then start to plan your treatment which may involve referral for IVF. Usually, some basic tests will be necessary before this consultation takes place: an ultrasound scan (for the female partner) and a semen analysis (for the male partner).

So please call us on 020 7449 9490 to speak to one of our helpful staff about any questions you may have and to book your first appointment.


Fertility testing in London: For men and women

IPSA Medical offers a range of tests that help you to understand any physiological problem that might be preventing conception or to help you ensure that all is well before you begin to try for your baby.

If you have had regular unprotected sex for over a year (or for over 6 months if you are over 35), it is time to speak to your IPSA doctor.

There are a number of different fertility tests that can be conducted at your IPSA clinic, including:

  • A full blood profile
  • Hormone screening
  • Uterine and ovarian ultrasound
  • Ovarian-follicle screening
  • Vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels
  • Sperm analysis

When abnormalities are determined, IPSA can recommend the correct type of specialist referral and arrange this for you.


If you would like to consider conception assistance, your IPSA physician can provide you with the details of a recommended centre (in the Harley Street area of London), which has generally been successful for our IPSA clients.

Book your IPSA Medical fertility consultation today either by phone or online.



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