Milia Removal

About Milia Removal

People of all ages can develop milia. These tiny cysts form when keratin, which is a substance produced by the skin, becomes trapped under the outer layers of your skin.

If you have any concerns about lumps or bumps on your skin, contact IPSA medical for advice. Our doctors have a special interest in skin.

Milia can occur in all types of people, from any age group, ethnicity and either sex. They look like white or yellow dome-shaped bumps ranging from 1 to 2mm. They are not painful or itchy.

These bumps are usually found on the face, around the eyes cheeks, nose and forehead.

Milia are difficult to remove without the proper tools and should only be done using sterilised equipment to minimise the risk of scarring and infection. Do not try to remove milia yourself as you may end up with a scar.

At the IPSA clinic, you will be seen by a doctor who has a special interest in skin. You will be seen and examined immediately in a clean, quiet environment and we can extract the milia during the consultation.

We will provide you with full aftercare advice and tell you how you can prevent future occurrences.

Contact an IPSA doctor for advice on milia and to book your appointment.

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