Cardiac Testing

Resting & Exercise ECG Testing

We liaise closely with our local hospitals to provide a full range of cardiac testing and investigations.  Investigations include resting ECG, exercise ECG and 24 blood pressure monitoring.

There is also a strong cardiology department at our local hospital that we can privately refer our patients to if the need arises.

Why you may require cardiac testing:


If you are experiencing chest pains, breathing difficulties, dizziness  or any other cardiology symptoms this would be opportunity to discuss your symptoms fully with our doctors who will examine you first and then send for investigations as necessary.

Even if you aren’t experiencing these symptoms but would still like a review, examination and investigations for peace of mind and reassurance this may be an option. A few of the common cardiac investigations we offer include

24 Blood pressure

If you have had multiple repeated blood pressure readings but believe this was due to the anxiety of attending a clinic, or due to rushing around we can organise a 24 hour BP monitor which will give accurate readings of you BP throughout the waking day. These readings can then be reviewed to advise whether you would benefit from BP medication or whether lifestyle changes would suffice.

Resting ECG

A resting ECG gives a good general impression of heart health and can be used as a basic investigation to assess your heart rate and rhythm.  The ECG may indicate early abnormalities that may be missed on the examination. If there are abnormalities present on your ECG result they will be fully explained to you and we will advise that you seek a specialist cardiologist opinion and provide a detailed letter of referral.

Exercise ECG

This is a heart rhythm tracing whilst exercising on a treadmill. The aim of this investigation is to see if there are any abnormalities that appear on the heart tracing when the heart is working out. It will give a clear indication whether chest pain is cardiac in origin n or not.


This is an ultrasound scan of the heart to show how well the heart muscle functions and the valves are functioning. It can show areas of poor muscle function and highlight early heart failure.

GP referrals for investigations

Your GP may advise tests not immediately available on the NHS such as allergy testing. We will happily work with you to see what you require and assist you as much as possible. We will also send you report to your to your GP for further discussion and management.

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