Jaw Reshaping

Botox for Jaw line reduction (Jaw Reshaping)

A square and enlarged jaw can often look unfeminine and previously invasive procedures such as jaw reshaping / remodeling and bone shaving were needed to create a softer jaw line.

Botox for Jaw line reduction

In cases where the jaw enlargement is due to a thickened masseter (cheek muscle) similar less invasive techniques with simple botox injections can be used to refine the jaw. Botox into the belly of the jaw muscle is used to give a softer angle at the jaw and reduce a bulky square jaw.

Blocking the action of the masseter muscle can lead to eventual atrophy (loss of muscle size) in those muscles. Patients generally notice softening of the masseter muscle at one week and softening of the jawline at around 6-8 weeks. Some researchers have noticed “permanent changes” to the jaw line in 2-3 treatments.

However, patients with underlying teeth grinding, may never obtain permanent results due to the fact the muscle continues to be strengthened by teeth grinding habits. Botox may not be of use if it is buccal fat pads or bone structure which leads to the appearance of enlarged jaw area.

Suitability depends on the individual and your initial consultation will assess all these factors and the doctor will recommend whether you will benefit from this type of reduction.