BTL Vanquish

BTL-Lymphastim_Unit-Topline_170_original-1What is Vanquish?

The Vanquish device is a non-invasive, non-contact, state-of-the-art radiofrequency (RF) device that was designed for excess mid-section fat reduction where exercise and diet have not worked. It eliminates up to 59 percent of excess mid-section fat. Vanquish is recommended for IPSA clients who do not want the risks and downtime from surgical treatments (such as liposuction).

How does Vanquish work?

The Federal Drug Administration in America has approved the Vanquish device for deep tissue heating. During the treatment, an arch extends across the chosen target area that does not touch the client. When undergoing the Vanquish treatment, you lie comfortably on a treatment table as the Vanquish device delivers a controlled type of RF thermal energy to your treatment area. This heats your skin to 101 degrees Fahrenheit and heats any underlying fat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, thus destroying fat cells. In the next few weeks post-treatment, your lymphatic system works to eliminate any dead fat cells, and this is a natural process that flushes away the excess fat.

What are the treatment areas that Vanquish can be used for?

Vanquish works by treating the largest area currently possible to be treated in just one session. You can reduce your waist and you can eliminate love handles in one treatment session. The treatment also reduces the muffin-top region on your hips and back, reduces upper back fat, and reduces your outer thigh region. Vanquish affordably and rapidly improves those problem areas that do not respond to exercise or a healthy diet.

Is the Vanquish treatment painful?

No. The Vanquish treatment is painless, and IPSA’s clients describe it as feeling comfortably warm, similar to a heating pad.

Does Vanquish have any side effects?

As the Vanquish device does not touch your skin, there are only minor side effects from the process: your skin may feel slightly tender, warm and with minor redness/swelling that usually resolves within just a few hours.

How many Vanquish treatments are needed to achieve my desired results?

As Vanquish evenly delivers continuous energy to a comparatively large area at once, your sessions will be significantly shorter and you will need fewer treatments than other fat-reducing procedures. Your IPSA skin specialist recommends four to six sessions for optimal results, which involves one session per week over those four to six weeks.

How should I prepare for my Vanquish treatment session at my IPSA skin clinic?

As vanquish in a non-surgical procedure, no anaesthetic is required, no special preparation is needed and there is no recovery period involved. You are free to return to your usual routine immediately following your Vanquish session. To enhance your results, your IPSA specialist will encourage you to be well hydrated both on the day of your session and on the day after your session, and to take a walk or some other form of light exercise.

When will I notice the results of my Vanquish treatment and how long will the results last for?

Many of IPSA’s clients report seeing good results following their first session, with the full treatment effect obvious within two weeks following their final session. Vanquish works by killing the entire fat cell and not just the fat that is inside the cell, thus the results are successful over the long term. With a healthy lifestyle, the long-lasting results from the treatment are sustainable.

Who can benefit from Vanquish?

Vanquish treatments are very safe for healthy individuals who want to take control over their core and who want to improve problem areas where diet and exercise have failed. Vanquish is an option when aesthetic improvement is sought, and where the costs and the recovery time of surgery are too high. The Vanquish treatment is not appropriate for clients with metal implants, for clients who are pregnant or nursing, or for clients with some types of medical condition. During your Vanquish consultation, your IPSA specialist will run through your complete medical history and this is to ensure that the Vanquish treatment will be safe for you.

Why should I choose the Vanquish treatment over other non-invasive fat-reduction techniques?

In The Aesthetic Guide May/June 2013 issue, the executive editor, Jeffrey Frentzen, said: ‘While a lot of energy-based systems make the non-invasive claim, with the release of its new Vanquish™ device, BTL Aesthetics … has succeeded in creating a truly painless, effective fat reduction device. Boasting the largest treatment area in the industry, the Vanquish uses newly developed Selective RF™ energy technology to address fat reduction in these non-invasive treatments.’

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