Nose to Mouth (Dermal) Fillers

Nose to lip fillers: Nasolabial lines

Laughter lines are nasolabial folds which run from the corners of your mouth to both sides of your nose. Nasolabial lines are a natural part of the aging process, as you begin to lose your facial fat pads, which causes your skin to sag downwards, forming prominent folds.


Correcting nasolabial lines at you IPSA skin clinic

These kinds of lines are easily reversed using hyaluronic acid fillers. At your specialist IPSA skin clinic, injections are made into the lines to add volume to the area, minimising the appearance of your nasolabial lines. Your IPSA physician will examine you and run through the nasolabial correction procedure with you, explaining what will be done and what to expect following the procedure. During your person-centred skin consultation, your IPSA physician will determine what areas require treatment, and will develop a realistic treatment plan with you (as some folds can be too deep for any filler-type treatments to be effective). If you are taking blood thinners such as warfarin/aspirin, then your IPSA clinician can still go ahead with the procedure, but this will require extra precautions to prevent undue bruising.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are similar to a naturally produced substance (proteoglycan) found in your eyes, skin and joints. It is a highly reversible substance, as it dissolves or breaks down naturally in your body over a few months. This is what makes it a safe product to use for facial contouring.


What to expect during your nasolabial dermal filler treatment at your IPSA skin clinic

If possible, prior to your treatment, use no products or cosmetics on your face, as your skin needs to be cleaned for the nasolabial dermal filler procedure.

Your IPSA skin specialist will put local anaesthetic on the nasolabial folds and creases (laughter lines/smile lines) prior to topping this up with local anaesthetic injections to sufficiently numb the treatment area. By using very thin needles to inject the dermal fillers, combined with the anaesthetic, the injections are not painful.

The entire procedure can take up to half an hour to complete. Two or three injections are required for each side (from the corners of your nose to a short distance down your nasolabial lines). The area will then be gently massaged to minimise any side effects. No downtime is required.

For a better result, your IPSA skin specialist may also suggest a cheek-filler treatment to restore lost facial fat pads. Nasolabial folds are a normal part of your facial expressions, and are even present in babies when they smile. Elimination of these lines might be possible, but this is not the goal for this type of treatment. Rather, the intention is to reduce the depth/severity of these nasolabial lines, producing a less ‘aged’ look, especially when your face is resting, without any expression.


How do nasolabial dermal fillers work?

When the gel-like solution is injected into your skin, it adds volume, creating a more ‘youthful’ appearance. Hyaluronic acid fillers act by drawing water into the area. This supports and hydrates your skin, which also encourages new collagen to form in the area.


Are there any side effects from nasolabial dermal fillers?

A common side effect is numbness in your upper lip during the actual procedure. This is because of the lignocaine in the dermal filler. This numbness fades after a few hours. There is very little bruising associated with this procedure, although sometimes you may feel some lumpiness just after having the procedure (which quickly resolves within a few weeks).


How many nasolabial dermal filler sessions do I need?

The dermal filler injections are usually effective for around nine to twelve months. They are completely biodegradable and so they break down over time. Absorption times are different for individuals. The best indication of when to have a top-up treatment is assessed on how the area actually looks and feels.

To book your nasolabial dermal filler treatment at your IPSA skin clinic, simply phone the IPSA skin clinic or book online for your same-day appointment.