Hepatitis Screening & Treatment

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Hep B and Hep C are blood borne viral infections that directly affect the liver causing inflammation and then subsequent scarring. Hep B and Hep C can be contracted via bodily fluids or contaminated water or needle stick injuries.

Both infections would cause abdominal pain, possible jaundice, fevers, and vomits. Hep B is curable and early detection prevents long-term damage to the liver.  If there is any risk of hep B/or C we recommend that you book for a consultation with our doctor.

The doctor will then assess your risk according to the clinical history that you give, carry out a full examination and recommend further investigations if necessary. If we believe your risk of either Hep b/c is high we will recommend a sexual health screen in the form of a blood test as well as general liver function tests to assess the health of your liver. All results are explained on a one to one basis by the doctor and all patients are given copies of their results for future reference.

Hepatitis B surface antigen: £95

Hepatitis B antibodies: £95

Hepatitis C antibodies: £95

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