HIV Testing

HIV Testing at IPSA Medical

HIV is a viral infection that can be passed via exchange of bodily fluids. HIV can be contracted from mother to child during birth, during unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex, or instances like needle exchange or needle stick injuries.

The HIV virus once in the bloodstream attacks the healthy immune system and destroys it. This in turn makes individuals very prone to common opportunistic infections such as recurrent thrush, sore throats, conjunctivitis.

There is no current cure for HIV, however if detected early, the progression of the virus can be delayed and the damage to the immune system can be minimised. This allows individuals to lead a relatively healthy life. If you may have had any instances where it would have been possible to contract this virus, we recommend that you come for a consultation to discuss your fears.

All consultations are carried out in complete confidentiality; if you are at low risk the doctor may just counsel you on minimising future risk. If however there is a chance you may have encountered the virus in the past or you are displaying symptoms of weakness, prolonged minor infections, recurrent infections, low immunity, the doctor will suggest the most appropriate test for you and support you through the whole process.

The results whether positive or negative are all explained in full on a one to one basis with our doctor and further recommendations for general health and well being will be added at this stage.

HIV antibody and early detection test – £95

Instant HIV antibody test – £95

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