Facial Wrinkles

What facial lines can botox be used for?

Botox has many different applications, including:

Forehead Lines

Forehead Lines

These are the horizontal lines which appear across the forehead.  Initially they appear when raising the eyebrows; however a combination of over activity,age and time can eventually lead to permanent deep horizontal lines even at rest.

This can often have the effect of making a person look tired and fatigued and older than they actually are.

Frown (Glabellar) Lines

Frown (Glabellar) Lines

Botox can be used for the deep creases that appear when a person frowns. They appear two horizontal lines at the middle of the forehead often accompanied by a vertical line across the bridge of the nose. These lines again often become permanent after years of muscle over activity.

These lines can have the effect of making you look constantly angry or upset.

Crow’s Feet (side of the eyes)

Crow's Feet (side of the eyes)

These are the radiation of lines which appear at the side of each eye which initially only appear when squinting or laughing.

These are the main facial wrinkles which appear with time and are all the result of overactive muscles.

Many people frown and squint without noticing, whilst reading, concentrating, listening or talking. The sum effect of all of this facial muscle overactivity, is that over the years lines begin to appear.

Botox use for other facial wrinkles…

Botox can be used to address a range of areas including:

  • Bunny lines (nasal) appear on the side of the nose when wrinkling the nose.
  • Peri-oral lip lines (lipstick bleed lines – sometimes need combined treatment with dermal fillers)
  • Chin puckering
  • Nasal flaring
  • Brow lift to give a more youthful appearance