Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening

evoke-Brace-newA bright white smile can boost your confidence and is also a good way to get noticed!

What causes teeth discolouration?

Teeth discolouration is caused by any number of factors, such as ageing, genetics, cigarette smoking, certain foods and drinks (like tea and coffee). There are some more serious causes for tooth discolouration: disease, old fillings, trauma, excessive fluoride, nerve problems and tetracycline consumption.

Why should I have my teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening is by far the easiest way to improve your overall appearance, as it immediately makes you look younger. Dentists consider teeth whitening as the safest of all cosmetic dental procedures. The procedure also kills the bacteria in your mouth, which is the main cause of gum disease.

Is Zoom laser teeth whitening a safe procedure?

Yes it is. Many decades of both scientific research and laser-whitening treatment by dentists have proven that this procedure is 100% safe and extremely effective, provided the procedure is carried out by qualified specialists using quality laser-whitening systems.

Is the IPSA clinic’s Zoom laser teeth whitening as good as my dentist’s teeth whitening?

Yes it is. At your IPSA clinic, your IPSA teeth-whitening specialist is highly skilled at the procedure. Alongside the skill of your IPSA specialist, IPSA has invested in the best possible laser technology. IPSA’s lasers are often more advanced than those used by many dentists. Many of IPSA’s competitors use older and less effective techniques. IPSA’s laser-whitening system will instantly lighten your teeth by an average of up to 14 shades.

Why is a laser used for teeth whitening?

The light from the laser achieves optimum results by activating and then accelerating the teeth-whitening gel’s oxidisation activity, with old veneers and crowns even being restored to their former level of whiteness.

How long does my Zoom laser teeth-whitening treatment take at my IPSA clinic?

As IPSA uses the most advanced lasers, treatment is safe, effective and quick. One 60-minute Zoom laser tooth-whitening session is all that is required to completely remove years of built-up tooth discolouration.

Can I have my veneers and/or crowns whitened at my IPSA clinic?

Zoom laser teeth whitening does not change the colour of any new crowns or veneers you may have, but your old crowns, fillings and veneers can be restored to their original colour. Although individual results might vary, most normally healthy clients can benefit from this treatment.

After my Zoom laser teeth-whitening procedure, how white will my teeth be?

Even though Zoom laser teeth-whitening results do vary between clients, IPSA’s state-of-the-art teeth-whitening system can lighten your teeth by an average of up to 14 shades.
Even a minor change of only two to three shades makes a significant difference. The goal of your IPSA experience is for our skilled practitioners to individualise your treatment for optimum whiteness whilst still having a natural look.

Your results are expected to last about 12 to 18 months; this depends on whether you eat foods that stain or whether you smoke. Most of IPSA’s clients opt for a 60-minute annual “top-up” to keep their teeth looking clean, fresh and white all year round.

Will my IPSA Zoom laser tooth-whitening procedure hurt?

Most of IPSA’s clients experience no discomfort during their procedure. In addition, unlike some teeth-whitening treatments elsewhere, at your IPSA clinic, a mobile aspirator is used during your treatment, and this makes the procedure more comfortable and hygienic, alongside improving the results.

Are there side effects from the Zoom laser teeth-whitening procedure?

Whilst no side effects have been scientifically proven for Zoom laser teeth-whitening procedures, some clients might experience mild sensitivity post-treatment that can last for an hour or so; however, this normally disappears very quickly.

Should I have a dental check-up or have my teeth cleaned before having my Zoom laser teeth-whitening procedure at IPSA?

IPSA does not advise having your teeth cleaned immediately prior to your Zoom laser teeth-whitening treatment because it might increase sensitivity. If you want to, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned a couple of days either before or after your IPSA Zoom teeth-whitening treatment.
To book your same-day IPSA Zoom laser teeth-whitening treatment, call your IPSA clinic or make your booking online.