The Thermage procedure is both safe and non-invasive. It is a cosmetic treatment using radiofrequencies (RFs) and has been proven in clinical settings to smooth and improve your skin, producing an overall more youthful-looking appearance. With no downtime, natural-looking results and a single procedure, Thermage works on every skin type, both on facial and non-facial parts of your body.

What is Thermage used for at my IPSA skin clinic?

At your IPSA skin clinic, Thermage procedures are used as a safe and effective treatment for your fine lines and your wrinkles on most areas of your body: face, eyes, neck, tummy, hands, arms, buttocks and thighs. Thermage also smooths out uneven and dimpled skin on your body and it temporarily reduces the appearance of any cellulite.

How many Thermage treatments are needed?

Unlike many of the other cosmetic procedures, Thermage’s results require just a single treatment for the majority of IPSA’s clients. This wrinkle treatment, with little or no downtime, is one of the very few non-invasive cosmetic procedures available.

How long will my Thermage treatment take at my IPSA skin clinic?

Your Thermage treatment usually takes about 45 minutes for the facial area and can take 90 minutes for other areas of your body (as this depends on the location, condition and size of the area that is being treated). As Thermage is a quick cosmetic procedure and involves a single treatment, it is easy to fit into today’s busy lifestyle.

Do I need any special preparation before my IPSA Thermage treatment or any follow-up sessions?

No follow-ups and no special preparation are needed because, unlike surgical procedures, no pre-procedure preparation is required (e.g. blood work or fasting). No special aftercare is required either, apart from your regular skincare regime (e.g. sunscreen use and basic skin maintenance). As the Thermage treatment results in little or no downtime, most of IPSA’s clients can immediately get back to their regular activities after undergoing Thermage treatment. Some clients may experience minor swelling or a temporary redness post-treatment; this usually disappears within 24 hours.

How does the Thermage procedure work?

Thermage makes use of radiofrequency technology and it works by heating your deep, collagen-rich skin layers. The heat process involved remodels your existing collagen and produces new collagen, and this improves both the texture and the smoothness of your skin’s surface.

Why is the Thermage treatment different to other wrinkle-treatment procedures?

Unlike some other cosmetic wrinkle treatments, Thermage involves no (or minor) downtime, no surgery, and no injections. Thermage works on every skin type (facial and non-facial). Laser procedures and other types of radiofrequency treatment can smooth your skin’s surface, but these other treatments cannot heat your skin as deeply as Thermage can. Through heating the innermost skin layers, your Thermage treatment is the most effective in terms of renewing your collagen, resulting in sleek and smooth skin with an overall much younger-looking appearance.

How does Thermage compare with other wrinkle treatments?

Some of IPSA’s clients do want more dramatic results, which are achieved through surgery. Many of IPSA’s clients, however, want more gradual and subtle results, non-invasive procedures and no downtime. This is where Thermage comes in, as it improves your skin’s appearance and also improves your overall skin texture. If skin creams and skin lotions are not giving you the results that you are after, and if surgery is not for you, then Thermage is the safe and effective solution.

When will I notice the results of my IPSA Thermage treatment and how long will they last?

Visible results are often immediate, and improved results appear in time as your body’s natural collagen-rebuilding process takes place. For most of IPSA’s clients, measurable results gradually appear two–six months after their single Thermage treatment session. The results of this single session can last for years (depending on your skin’s condition and your aging process).

What does it feel like when undergoing the Thermage procedure?

Every time the Thermage treatment device touches the area of skin being treated, you will feel a brief sensation of cooling, then a deep yet brief heating sensation, and then another cooling sensation. The feeling of heat occurs when your deep skin layers reach the effective temperature for collagen remodelling. With the latest Thermage CPT technology, you also feel a mild vibration for added comfort. Throughout your Thermage procedure, your IPSA skin clinician will ask you for feedback on the heat sensation so as to balance your comfort level with maximum results.

What is Thermage used to treat at my IPSA skin clinic?

Thermage is indicated for non-invasive wrinkle treatment and for a temporary improvement in the appearance of any cellulite. Thermage is the first (and the only system) to be approved by the Federal Drug Administration in America for energy-based, non-invasive eyelid treatment.

To book your same-day Thermage treatment at your IPSA skin clinic, simply call your nearest IPSA skin clinic or book online.