Pharmacy Testimonials

“It is fabulous having a pharmacy so local that it is not only open late but also has the convenience of having a Doctor on call. Being able to visit in the evening or on a weekend with a sick child rather than waiting for an appointment provides great peace of mind. Dr. Mustafa is an excellent Physician and provides very detailed explanations – We’ve always left feeling better – armed with a medicine if necessary. I’m thoroughly relieved to have IPSA so close – because sadly none of us seems to get ill during convenient 9-5 hours – and we couldn’t ask for better care! “

Ronan Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“It was easy to see a Doctor and a good one too! “

Margot Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Absolutely fantastic services. We are really happy to get a service here. Doctor’s kind explanation as well as good treatment makes us really get recover soon and better. Thanks indeed.”

Julia Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Very helpful and informative. I felt they cared and wanted to see me get better.”

Niya Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Great service with friendly yet professional manner from all staff. Very pleasant to visit a doctor whilst travelling and have a good, easy experience all my questions were answered and explained things clearly and calmly. “

Gordon Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Your service enabled me to stay in London and continue my holiday. “

Harry Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“The consultation was very thorough and pleasant. The results was communicated very professionally and easy to understand. This was truly a pleasant experience.”

Gabriela Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Very friendly and helpful staff, welcoming and warm. excellent service, efficient and quick.”

Tom Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I have recommended a few friends already and they too are satisfied with your reliable service.”

Asher Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“The service was great. The doctor attended me immediately and her explanation was absolutely clear and direct to the point. The medical and drug store service combination makes this store useful since this gives an added value to the experience. Totally satisfied.”

Mahima Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Good professional. Travelling excellent service. “

Catherine Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Very helpful, used again and again for the family. Quick, reliable and friendly. “

Sarah Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“A thorough and clear consultation. I found out a lot about my condition. Many thanks.”

Matt Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Pharmacy staff and doctor were absolutely wonderful. Caring and compassionate. I would definitely use the services again in the near future. Thank you.”

Adrian Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01



“Excellent and attentive service. Thoroughly recommended especially because of the opening hours for convenience.” 

Devereux Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I was very satisfied with the service I received and would recommend this service to others. Keep up the good work.”

Regina Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“First rate in every way.” 

Rosy Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I would like to thank the IPSA clinic. I am very grateful to have found such an amazing clinic. For my treatment all my family said I looked really good and younger. I feel now very confident and I will definitely recommend IPSA to anyone. Your service is fantastic. I am so glad I picked you guys.”

Amelie Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“I attended the IPSA clinic back in February this year, and I must say that the results from the treatment were amazing and I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends and family members. Best wishes and thanks again.”

Jerrie Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Thorough, friendly and took the time for all the explanation I required.”

Allissa Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Very good service, helpful and good explanation.”

Renita Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Extremely professional and accommodating. The staff were very caring and the doctor was thorough. IPSA is the first number we now call when we want to see a doctor, or require a pharmacist’s advice.” 

Richmal Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01


“Staff and doctor are very nice.”

David Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01



“Everyone was wonderful, friendly and very kind! I really appreciate it as an American.”

Jed Rates IPSA 5/5 FIVESTARS01



Please note: These are genuine IPSA Medical patients who have given the clinic their express, written permission to share their experiences at IPSA Medical Centre. Naturally IPSA wishes to keep confidential the identity of it’s patients and IPSA has taken steps to help ensure this. The testimonials provided a true and accurate reflection of the testimonials given by the patients.