Conception and Fertility

Many couples do believe it is easy to get pregnant (to conceive), so they are often surprised when they cannot conceive as soon as they start trying to have a baby.
However, 80 percent of couples who are trying for a baby will conceive in their first year of trying, and most couples generally manage to conceive within two years of trying.

How can you improve your chances of conception?

To predict when your partner ovulates, you can use ovulation predictor kits.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that both you and your partner:

  • Are at a healthy weight (neither underweight nor overweight)
  • Are non-smokers. In men, smoking might reduce the motility of your sperm. In women, smoking might increase miscarriage risk, and the risk of having a low birth weight baby/a premature birth
  • Are not drinking alcohol. In men, the excess consumption of alcohol reduces both the quality and quantity of your sperm. In women, excess alcohol consumption might cause abnormalities to your unborn baby