Healthy Heart Service

Your IPSA Pharmacy’s healthy heart service

When you opt for IPSA’s healthy heart service, your IPSA pharmacist will take your blood pressure reading and measure your cholesterol level to calculate your risk of developing heart-related conditions. Your IPSA pharmacist will discuss what actions you should take to both improve and control these two key aspects of your health, and he/she will signpost you to IPSA’s other services to support you.

How can your IPSA Pharmacy help?

Heart disease is usually referred to as ‘cardiovascular disease’ (CVD) with approximately ten million people in the UK estimated to be at risk of developing CVD. IPSA’s healthy heart service can help you better understand your risk factors for developing CVD so that you can take the necessary risk-reduction steps.
IPSA’s healthy heart service is conducted by our trained IPSA Pharmacy team in IPSA’s private consultation area. The service includes:

  • A frank discussion regarding your lifestyle choices (e.g. your diet, whether you smoke and how much exercise you get)
  • Measuring your cholesterol level (a small droplet of blood is taken from your finger for this test)
  • Measuring your blood pressure
  • Calculating your risk in terms of developing CVD
  • Completing a risk-reduction action plan to help reduce your risk, and this may include referring you to a skilled IPSA physician

Your healthy heart consultation only takes around 30 minutes.

Am I eligible for IPSA’s healthy heart service?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions below, then you are not eligible for IPSA’s healthy heart service:
Do you have:

  • High blood pressure?
  • A blood disorder (e.g. polycythaemia or haemophilia)?
  • CHD (chronic heart disease) or any other disease that affects your heart, blood vessels or arteries?
  • A family history of raised cholesterol levels?
  • Chronic kidney disease such as renal dysfunction or diabetic nephropathy (i.e. kidney damage or disease due to diabetes)?
  • Type I or Type II diabetes?
  • Epilepsy?

Are you:

  • Under 40 or over 74 years of age?
  • Receiving treatment for high cholesterol?
  • Pregnant?
  • Receiving treatment for high blood pressure?
  • Taking Dopamine, Warfarin or Methyldopa?

Have you:

  • Had a heart attack or stroke in the last twelve weeks?