Emergency Contraception Service

Your IPSA Pharmacy’s emergency contraception service

If you do require emergency contraception, then you can purchase this from your IPSA Pharmacies* without the need for a prescription and, in some instances, this can be given to you without charge**.
If you believe that the contraception you used may have failed or if you have recently had sex without using any form of contraception, you might want to think about using emergency contraception.
If emergency contraception is taken within 72 hours, then it can usually stop you from getting pregnant.

Your IPSA pharmacist will need to ask you some very brief questions. This emergency contraception consultation is free of charge and entirely confidential. Your IPSA pharmacist asks these questions to check your suitability prior to giving you your emergency contraception and to ensure that you have all the support that you need. Your IPSA pharmacist will also explain the next steps you need to take. Your IPSA Pharmacy has a private consultation area so that you can discuss any issues with your pharmacist without other people being able to overhear you.

* Subject to an emergency contraception consultation with your IPSA pharmacist. This service is only suitable for clients who are over 16 years of age. This medication cannot be supplied if you are currently taking certain medications (your IPSA pharmacist will assess this during your consultation) or if it has been more than 72 hours since you had unprotected intercourse.*
** This free service depends on which services your local primary care organisation has commissioned.