Repeat Prescription Service

IPSA’s repeat prescription service

By using your IPSA Pharmacy’s repeat prescription service, your prescription/s will be ready and waiting for you.
Getting your repeat prescription/s can be very time consuming, involving trips back and forwards to your GP’s surgery. Your IPSA Pharmacy will make getting your repeat prescription/s easier for you.

How does IPSA’s repeat prescription service work?

You simply leave your completed repeat prescription slip with your nominated IPSA Pharmacy and your IPSA pharmacist will order your repeat prescription from your GP’s surgery, collect it, and have it ready for you when you next visit your IPSA Pharmacy. As your IPSA pharmacist knows what medicine/s you are taking in advance, he/she will ensure that the IPSA Pharmacy always holds your medications in stock.
As an added bonus, when you sign up to IPSA’s repeat prescription service, you are also entitled to a consultation with your IPSA pharmacist. During your consultation, you can ask any questions regarding any medicine/s that have been prescribed to you to ensure you are getting the most benefit from them.

What are the benefits of IPSA’s repeat prescription service?

  • Your IPSA Pharmacy will take your repeat prescription slip to your GP’s surgery on your behalf.
  • Your IPSA Pharmacy will ensure that your GP’s surgery knows that you are using IPSA’s repeat prescription service.
  • Your IPSA pharmacist will have your medicine/s ready so that you can pick them up along with your next repeat prescription slip.
  • You will not have to wait for your prescription to be dispensed.
  • Your IPSA Pharmacy will ensure that your medicine/s are always held in stock.