Threadworms live in your intestines and they wriggle out of your bottom during the night to lay their eggs. They appear as very small white threads and you can see them around your child’s bottom and also in your child’s faeces.
The main symptoms of threadworms are a really itchy bottom, particularly at night, because this is when the threadworms come out in order to lay their eggs. A threadworm infection might be associated with disturbed sleep and a loss of appetite.

  • How can I prevent the threadworm infection from spreading?
  • Keep your child’s nails and hands extremely clean and cut their nails short
  • Ensure that everyone in your family washes their hands after going to the toilet and before eating
  • Ensure that your child wears clean pyjamas or pants in bed and wash or bath around their bottom every morning
  • Ensure everyone in the family has their own towel
  • Disinfect the toilet handle and seat after each use when you are treating the infection and then do so regularly after the threadworm infection has cleared
  • Dust and vacuum your bedrooms thoroughly in order to get rid of any eggs