Drink Awareness Service

What is your IPSA Pharmacy’s drink-awareness service?

Your IPSA Pharmacy’s drink-awareness service involves a free consultation in your IPSA Pharmacy to raise awareness regarding your current alcohol consumption and the health risks that might be associated with your alcohol intake.

Your IPSA Pharmacy’s drink-awareness service aims to help you:

  • To understand your current level of drinking in terms of both the units of alcohol you typically consume and whereabouts you are positioned regarding the associated health-risk categories
  • To understand alcohol consumption daily guideline limits and what a unit of alcohol consists of
  • To understand the benefits of stopping or reducing your alcohol consumption, if appropriate
  • To receive information and guidance on strategies to make changes in your level of alcohol consumption so that you can reduce risks to your health

Your IPSA Pharmacy’s drink-awareness service consists of a confidential discussion with a highly trained IPSA pharmacist in your IPSA Pharmacy’s private consultation room. Your IPSA pharmacist will ask you to fill in a few brief lifestyle questions on a scratch card, which is designed to help you identify whether you are drinking within current safe guidelines.

You will then receive an information leaflet on safe guidelines and alcohol units, which incorporates a drinks diary for you to use to track how much alcohol you drink on a daily basis over a weeklong period.