Dispensing for Care Homes

IPSA Pharmacy believes in being able to provide you with a tailored service to meet the needs of your individual care home. Your IPSA Pharmacy provides both advice and support to the staff and residents of your care home, and this also includes the delivery of your medicines.
IPSA Pharmacy will advise you on the effective and proper ordering of your medicines and appliances, as well as on their safe storage, on administration aspects and on proper record keeping.

IPSA Pharmacy’s dispensing service

IPSA Pharmacy provides a dispensing service tailored to suit the needs of your care home, whether you require dispensing into monitored dosage systems (MDSs) or into standard containers. By employing clinical governance as IPSA Pharmacy’s framework, your IPSA Pharmacy ensures that it is not only accountable for maintaining high standards, but that it is able continuously to improve those standards. This is an essential aspect for delivering modern health services to your care home and is central to the service that IPSA Pharmacy provides.

IPSA Pharmacy: Prescription management

Your IPSA Pharmacy understands that it takes more than merely dispensing prescriptions for your medication system to be able to run smoothly. IPSA Pharmacy’s prescription management service ensures prescription streamlining within all ethical and legal guidelines in order to facilitate the dispensing process and the provision of suitable MDSs. This ensures that your care home will receive enough medication for your residents in appropriate quantities, thus making your administrative tasks and record keeping easier, helping you to keep up to date with your residents’ medications.

IPSA Pharmacy’s policy on communication

Your IPSA Pharmacy believes that to ensure your residents truly receive the best care possible, it is essential that we work together as one team. Where possible, you will be given your own designated IPSA Pharmacy contact. Your IPSA Pharmacy also recommends that at least one designated staff member in your care home should be contactable to resolve any issues as they arise to help ensure excellent continuity.

IPSA Pharmacy: Delivery of your care home’s medication

Your care home’s medication can be delivered to you in the agreed format on an arranged set day, with the same being the case for the collection of your empty cassettes or racks (if appropriate). These dates and times will be agreed to suit everyone. IPSA’s skilled pharmacists are accessible if you need to discuss any additional requirements you may have on an individual basis.

IPSA Pharmacy offers great advice

IPSA’s pharmacists can also provide you with advice on safe storage, on administration and on the handling of the medications. IPSA’s pharmacists can also help with audit advice and with the development of your set protocols and procedures.