Asthma Check Service

Your IPSA Pharmacy asthma check service aims to help you to get the most benefit from your asthma medicines or from your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) medicines.

What is your IPSA Pharmacy’s asthma check service?

This asthma check service at your IPSA Pharmacy is a free service, which is funded by the NHS, and which involves you having a private consultation of about 20 minutes with your highly skilled IPSA pharmacist. The aim of your review with your IPSA pharmacist is to help you understand more fully the medicines that you take, how those medicines work and what they do, alongside looking at your inhaler technique. This asthma check service will also help your IPSA pharmacist to identify any problems that you may be experiencing (e.g. interactions with other medicines or side effects).
Your IPSA Pharmacy’s asthma check service forms part of your IPSA Pharmacy’s medicines use review (MUR) service, which looks at all of the medicines you are currently taking.
Your IPSA Pharmacy asthma check service provides a perfect opportunity for you to ask any relevant questions about your current medicines, discuss any worries and enquire about possible lifestyle changes with your skilled IPSA pharmacist.

Your asthma symptom check

Over the past four weeks
1. Have you had any sleeping difficulties due to your asthma symptoms, including coughing?
(a) Yes (b) No
2. During the day, have you experienced your usual asthma symptoms?
(a) Yes (b) No
3. Have your asthma symptoms caused issues when trying to carry out your usual activities?
(a) Yes (b) No
Over the previous week
4. How many times did you use your blue reliever inhaler?
(a) More than 3 times
(b) Less than 3 times
If you answered (a) to the above questions once (or more than once), then your asthma might not be under proper control so please talk to your IPSA pharmacist about your IPSA Pharmacy’s medicines use review service. This special service can support you to keep your asthma under control and to reduce the effects of your asthma symptoms on your daily life.

Arranging your IPSA Pharmacy appointment

Your IPSA pharmacist might be able to complete your IPSA Pharmacy’s asthma check service consultation while your medicines are being dispensed. Your IPSA pharmacist will arrange a more suitable time for your asthma check service consultation if the consultation is not possible when waiting for your medicines to be dispensed.
A member of your IPSA Pharmacy’s team might ask you to complete the ‘asthma symptom check’ questionnaire. Your IPSA pharmacist will review your answers with you during your asthma consultation and will explore them further, if required.