NHS Electronic Prescription Service

IPSA’s NHS electronic prescription service is available in England as a convenient and faster way to get repeat prescriptions.
IPSA’s NHS electronic prescription service offers you an opportunity to change the way your GP sends your prescription/s to your chosen pharmacy. Your prescription can now be sent electronically rather than by the traditional paper-based route.

What are the benefits of IPSA’s new service?

  • If you usually collect repeat prescriptions from your GP’s surgery, then you no longer need to. With IPSA’s new service, your GP sends your prescription electronically to your IPSA Pharmacy (your nominated pharmacy), thus saving you time.
  • Your prescription is in the form of an electronic message and so you cannot lose it, as there is no paper prescription.
  • You have more choice regarding where you can collect your medicines from, as they can be collected from your nominated IPSA Pharmacy.
  • If your prescription needs to be cancelled or altered, then your GP can issue a new electronic prescription without you having to go back to your GP’s practice, which will save you having to make extra trips.
  • You might reduce your waiting time by using your IPSA Pharmacy because your repeat prescription/s can now be prepared by your IPSA pharmacist in advance, before your arrival.

Is this new IPSA service appropriate for you?

IPSA’s new electronic prescription service is appropriate if your medical condition is currently stable and:

  • You do not want to visit your GP’s practice to collect repeat prescriptions.
  • You usually collect your medicine from the same pharmacy or are already using a prescription collection service.